Dramatic moment armed police swoop on suspects at petrol station as shocked customers look on


DRAMATIC video shows the moment police haul suspects at gunpoint from a car at a petrol station – as shocked customers look on.

The video was taken last Saturday evening in Bradford and wasposted to the Facebook group page The Yorkshire Bible the same day.

It shows armed police and sniffer dogs surrounding a black Volkswagen Golf parked at a Shell garage on Leeds Road.

The officers grab the men from the vehicle before forcing them to the ground.

The video begins with a police car with flashing lights parked next to the black Golf.

One officer is crouched behind the police car and pointing his weapon at the suspects.

Another officer then takes the men in the driver’s seat and hauls him to the ground.

With the driver already face down on the floor, five officers can be seen in the foreground, some armed, while one of the passengers is extracted from the car.

He is forced onto the ground, as an officer with a dog walks past and another armed officer moves into view.

A man at the far side of the Golf with a white top on is then seen to stand up from the car following shouted instructions from one of the officers.

The video prompted strong reaction on Facebook with many criticising the men being arrested in the face of the show of force by police.

Salahudin Ali said: “A job well done officers. They’re not so big now are they? Pr***s.”

Chris Aki wrote: “Nothing more ‘gangster’ than living at home with ya mum and selling 10 bags.”

Dom Dawson commented: “More plastic gangsters getting locked up.”

Adam King wrote: “Police need to show them who’s the boss. Shoot and teach them the hard way. Don’t worry, 90% of us law abiding citizens will agree. It’s just the plastic gangsters that you will upset.”

Matthew Massey added: “More Bradford lads with bright futures.”

A spokeswoman for West Yorkshire Police said: “Officers attended at a garage on Leeds Road, Bradford at about 7.40pm on Saturday and arrested three men from a vehicle on suspicion of firearms offences.

“Enquiries remain ongoing.”

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