Mum throws up entire dinner after turning over half-eaten Aldi mushroom and finding mass of maggots


A DISGUSTED Aldi customer claims she threw up when she turned over a half-eaten mushroom and discovered a mass of maggots.

Natalie Blake bought the mushrooms from the firm’s store in the Dovecot area of Liverpool and served them up for dinner.

But the mum says she was horrified halfway through the meal to discover that what was left of her last mushroom was alive with maggots.

She posted revolting pictures to Aldi’s Facebook page showing what she insists are dozens of tiny, bright white maggots crawling about in the remains of the meal.

Natalie found maggots in her mushroom

She complained to the store: “Oh my god. I feel physically sick, I do all my shopping at your store. Mainly the one in Dovecot Liverpool. I bought some of the large 5 pack of mushrooms the other day they had a good date on.

“I put them in the fridge and tonight I put them straight in the oven with some melted cheese on top.

“After enjoying one I ate half of the other and noticed a something odd I turned the mushroom over and took the top layer off to discover this site inside.

Natalie complained to Aldi on Facebook

“After vomiting my whole tea up I am in shock that this could happen in this day and age.”

Natalie said today: “I knew straight away what they were. My husband was gutted because he had eaten all his. I vomited straight away to try and get everything up.”

On social media, Katherine O’Rielly said: “Oh my god Nat this is disgusting.!! I stopped shopping in Aldi for the same reasons the fruit & veg is rank & the meat stinks.”

Other customers have had bad experiences in Aldi

Chritine Stafford said: “I’m itching and feeling sick at this. I dont shop at Aldi any more there food especialy the Dovecot shop is always having issues.

“Last time I bought from there was an emergency milk, got home and my house stunk for days the thing was so off it was unreal and it was still in date.”

Amy Swale said: “Aldi are a disgrace!”

Aldi did responded to Natalie’s post

Aldi have been in touch with Natatlie online over the incident saying: “Hi Natalie, thanks for flagging this with us. We’re very sorry to see this.

“Please can you send us a private message with details of the store you purchased the mushrooms from so that we can discuss it with you further?”

An Aldi spokesperson today said: “Our growers have strict quality procedures in place and we have never received a complaint of this nature before. We are looking into this with our supplier to understand how it could have occurred.”

As a “gesture of goodwill” Natalie has been offered a full refund on her mushrooms and a £10 store voucher.

Natalie said Aldi’s “gesture of goodwill” was “absolutely disgusting”

But Natalie, 42, claimed Aldi’s offer was “absolutely disgusting”.

Natalie said mushroom topped with cheese was a meal she and her husband, Paul, 42, regularly enjoyed.

“I defintely won’t be eating them ever again,” she said.

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