“Sounds like a Scalextric” Boyfriend posts hilarious clip of partner’s weird snoring


A SCOT has shared hilarious footage of himself crying with laughter as his sleeping girlfriend snores like a “Scalextric”.

Brian Murphy keeps cracking up as Courtney McCrone – out of shot – makes strange noises that sound like an electric motor.

Brian, 19, from Glasgow, posted the video to social media where it has since been viewed almost 600,000 times.

The shoe salesman posted: “Honestly canny deal wae Courtney’s snoring – she’s got wan blocked nostril n the other wan is sound.”

He later added: “Sounds like a Scalextric motor.”

The 30-second clip shows Brian lying in bed with the camera facing himself.

Brian,19, shared the footage of Courtney sleeping

A loud snore can then be heard, as Brian begins to start laughing.

Throughout the clip he can be seen cheekily shifting his eyes to the left to where she is sleeping and bursting out laughing as she continues to snore.

As he continues to quietly laugh, Courtney’s snoring appears to get louder, causing Brian to laugh more.

The clip has attracted over 400 comments including one from Courtney herself, who joked: “Must be that other Courtney you know.”

There was also multiple other comments from Twitter users tagging each other to accuse them of being a snorer.

He was seen trying to hold in laughter throughout the clip

Cian Commons said: “Jesus she’s as bad as @ratsheadhey.”

@_Carolinemc123 commented: “@Troyramos60 that’s exactly what you sounded like in Glasgow.”

To which he replied: “Hahah do you have video proof of this accusation?”

He compared the snoring to a “scalextric motor”

Caroline then responded by saying: “Nah can’t say I do but 100% sure that everyone in that block of flats would’ve heard you and can back me up.”

Jade McQueen said: “Hahahahaha I woke up with a strip on my nose this morning, Ronan must’ve put it on when I was asleep.”

Others just found the clip hilarious.

@_decoh1 said: “Hahahahaha f****** giggled.”

Robyn Pringle said: “I’m actually p******* at this.”

Courtney responded to the video saying “Must be that other Courtney you know.”

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