Moment “cowardly parasite” robs OAP at knifepoint on busy petrol station forecourt in broad daylight


SHOCKING video shows a pensioner held up at knifepoint at a busy petrol station in broad daylight.

Daniel York points the blade at his 70-year-old victim before grabbing the keys to his car and driving off.

Remarkably, another motorist parked next to the vehicle gets in to his car and drives off, apparently oblivious to the armed robbery happening feet away.

Yesterday, York, 20, from King’s Lynn, Norfolk, plead guilty to two counts of robbery, possession of a bladed article, driving whilst disqualified and using a motor vehicle without insurance. He will be sentenced at later date.

The video, filmed on January 10 this year, shows an elderly man filling up his car at the petrol station in Downham Market, Norfolk.

The pensioner begins to walk towards the shop at Broomhill service station to pay before being confronted by York.

He can clearly be seen pointing a short blade directly at the chest of the pensioner.

York appears to be demanding the pensioner’s keys as a tussle ensues for control over them.

The pensioner leaves their car before the incident takes place

York carries on even as another driver gets in to their car and the neighbouring pump.

The pensioner eventually gives up his keys and watches as York calmly gets behind the wheel of the car.

Police today have released an updated statement regadring Daniel York’s crime.

Norfolk Police said York had earlier carried out a knifepoint robbery at JD Sports in King’s Lynn.

A short blade can be seen in the footage pointing towards the pensioner

“In the second incident about half-an-hour-later, York went to a petrol station on Lynn Road in Dowmham Market where he threatened an elderly man with a knife before stealing his car from the forecourt.”

They said that after pleading guilty to the offences at Norwich Crown Court, York had been remanded in custody to await sentencing later this week.

After viewing the video online, Jon Mace said: “Wow, he’s brave picking on an old man… What a fat coward c***… I really hope I bump into you soon you fat parasite, muggy looking scumbag… You coward.”

Joan Hawtin added: “Lock him up and throw the key away worthless piece of s***.”

The pensioner eventually gives up the car keys following the threats

Isobel Breakwell wrote: “He’s a brave b******, wish I’d been there, I would have hit him with my walking stick, scum of the f****** earth.”

Paul Lickorish said: “A truly vile individual.”

Jon Do added: “The fat t*** wants locking away for good!”

Micheal Fulford said: “Pure scum.”

York pleaded guilty in court and will be sentenced at a later date

Fay Swan simply wrote: “Not a man, a coward.”

Staff at Broomhill service station declined to comment.

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