Hilarious moment horse rider is decked by trailer door, ending up on her back in the mud


A PROFESSIONAL horse rider has gone viral after hilarious video showed her getting decked by a trailer door.

Kimberley Stanworth is smacked hard on the forehead by the door as it is caught in the wind.

The blow sends the 36-year-old flying backwards and on to her back in the mud with her legs in the air

Thankfully, Kimberley escaped injury in the accident, which was captured on CCTV at her home in Tarporley, Cheshire.

The clip is made all the funnier because Kimberley’s two-year-old son, George, is watching the CCTV as it is filmed on a mobile and can be heard chuckling and saying: “Mummy!”

The video was posted to Facebook by Kimberley’s friend Mark, where it went viral and has since attracted nearly 400,000 views.

Mark wrote in a caption above the clip: “Please be careful in the wind. This is actually my friend caught on her CCTV.”

The video begins with CCTV of Kimberly and her client attending to the back of a trailer used for horses.

Kimberley stands beside the trailer unaware of what is about to happen

They lower the metal ramp, with Kimberley’s client in a green jacket, walking up to the door and unlatching it.

She holds it briefly, but the wind catches it, smacking Kimberley in the head, and knocking her comically to the ground.

Speaking today mum-of-two Kimberley said: “It was a couple of Sundays ago, and it was really windy.

“I remember saying, ‘Oh we need to be careful, it’s really windy’.

Kimberley’s client waves in panic as the door shoots away in the wind

“And the reply, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll hold on tight’.”

“And then bang. I was absolutely covered in mud.

“I phoned my other half and told him to play back the CCTV ten minutes ago.

“He fell off the sofa laughing when he saw it, he was phoning all of his friends, they thought it was hilarious.”

The professional rider ended up flat on her back after the unexpected thud

Facebook users commented below the video, finding the video funny but hoping that Kimberley wasn’t seriously hurt.

Becca Dobson wrote: “The more I watch it the funnier it gets.”

Abbie Whitehead said: “I actually cannot stop laughing, this would happen to me.”

Natalie Rice commented: “Omg I feel really bad for laughing, poor lady.”

Kimberley’s other half “fell off the sofa laughing”

Andrew Bassarab wrote: “I should not laugh but hope she okay.”

Alex Greer added: “Ahahaha actually can’t stop laughing here.”