Breaking Badger: CCTV reveals shy nocturnal mammal is master shoe thief


HILARIOUS video shows a man’s shoe being stolen from his doorstep – by a brazen badger.

James Harris’s security camera catches the badger exploring the doorstep before grabbing a shoe and swiftly making off with it.

James posted the CCTV footage to a community group page for his home village of Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire, last Wednesday.

He captioned the footage: “Be careful about leaving shoes on your doorstep at the moment, there is a thief about. But now caught on CCTV.”

The clip begins appearing to show the front of the property, with the badger already in clear view at the doorstep.

The animal sniffs about, going briefly behind a wall to the left, before approaching step and going out of view.

When the badger comes back into view its interest is piqued and he can be seen chewing on an object.

The badger decided to steal the shoe after sniffing it

It then pulls back, the shoe coming into clear view, being clamped down in the badger’s jaws.

With the badger still clinging onto the shoe, it briefly hesitates, going left, right, then straight ahead, disappearing out of shot with his new shoe.

Speaking today James said: “Basically the badger lives in our garden from what we can tell and visits every night usually for leftover food, but as you can see has now taken to helping himself to other things, my shoes included.

The badger is thought to live in James’ garden

“Usually I don’t pay much attention to him as we often see him on the CCTV cameras but on this occasion I happened to be watching the CCTV and couldn’t believe what I saw happening live in front of me.”

James posted the clip to a community page for Chalfont St Peter, in Buckinghamshire, where users generally found the clip amusing.

Tracey Rolfe wrote: “Probably fancied a bit of sole with its chips.”

James posted the clip to Facebook much to everyone’s amusement

Suzanne Mason commented: “That’s so cute.”

Claudine Ansell said: “Hilarious. He must have liked the smell of your feet.”

Jennie Holliss wrote: “Chalfont really is getting bad. Even the wildlife has started robbing us, what’s going on.”

Mark Engelbretson added: “Amazing.”

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