Terrifying moment young woman is forced to reverse away from road rage maniac trying to ram her


SHOCKING video shows a road rage driver force a terrified young woman to reverse hundreds of metres down a street.

Kayleigh Grunsell said she had never been so scared in her life after coming across the male motorist completely blocking the road.

The 20-year-old said she waited patiently for five minutes but was then forced to take evasive action as the man reversed at her.

Video shows the thug then get out of his car and shout at Kayleigh during the incident Faversham, Kent, on Sunday night.

Kayleigh, from Whitstable, Kent, has reported the frightening incident to police.

She posted the video online, writing: “Was trying to drive my friend home, and [the] road was blocked. [I] was waiting for the guy to move and ended up getting rammed.”

The video shows Kayleigh waiting behind the man in the silver car as she tried to get past.

The man suddenly starts reversing, and Kayleigh is forced to do the same so she doesn’t get hit.

Video captured the moment Kayleigh’s car was rammed

The man then begins to speed up coming within inches of hitting Kayleigh’s car. At this point Kayleigh decides to continue to reverse backwards away from the man. However, he just kept on reversing towards her.

The driver then stops his car whilst Kayleigh gets back to a safe distance. The man then gets out of his car and starts shouting at Kayleigh and waving his hands up in the air.

Kayleigh makes the decision to drive away from the man who stands in the middle of the road confronting her.

One commenter said: “What an absolute tool! Idiots like that should not be on the road.”

Kayleigh was forced to reverse hundreds of metres down the street

A second commenter added: “If that had of been me when he was out of the car. I would [have] waited till he got a bit closer and then floored it! That would of taught him a lesson.”

A third commenter wrote: “Sorry this happened…. What was he hoping to achieve by ramming you if the car he was in was stolen?

Another commenter said: “Good thing you went to the police. Glad no one got hurt.”

Carer Kayleigh today said that she was terrified by the aggressive man.

The aggressive man stands in the middle of the road and gestures at Kayleigh

Kayleigh said: “I was trying to drop my colleague home and that guy was blocking the road. I waited over five minutes for him to move and all of a sudden [he] tried to ram my car and chased me all the way down the road.

“Then [he] got out the car and started threatening me, and walking to my car. Never been so scared.”

Police today confirmed that the suspect is still at large.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police received a report that a car was being poorly driven in Windermere, Faversham, at 9.39pm on Sunday 10 March 2019.

Kayleigh has reported the frightening incident to police

“The informant reported that a car had deliberately stopped in the road before reversing into a vehicle. The driver is then reported to have got out of their vehicle and behaved aggressively.

“When the informant was on the phone, they then drove away in the direction of Whitstable Road. At present, no suspects have been located.

“Anyone with information can call Kent Police on 01795 419119 quoting 10-2054. Alternatively, contact Kent Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.”

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