Hilarious snap shows police worker’s elaborate invention to defeat milk thieves at work

The cop took extreme steps to protect his milk.

A HILARIOUS picture has emerged of the elaborate efforts taken to stop milk being stolen from a fridge – at a police station.

The snap shows a plastic bottle of milk inside a fridge which appears to have had the bottom of a milk container placed on top.

A piece of wood has then been put through both sides of the outer case and through the handle of the full milk bottle.

Padlocks on both ends of the wood are designed to defeat even the most determined dairy desperado.

The image emerged on social media this week and, according to the anonymous poster, was taken at a police station in Yorkshire, thought to be Leeds.

One eagle-eyed viewer claimed to have spotted a police evidence bag being used to protect another bottle of milk in the same fridge.

The person who posted the image, who wishes to remain anonymous, captioned the snap: “Milk theft is getting pretty extreme at work.”

Speaking today they said: “It’s a police fridge in Yorkshire. It’s the first milk incident of its kind but petty notes are pretty frequent too.”

One viewer commented on the post saying: “I knew that was a police fridge. The sealable evidence bag and ‘D’ shift on the lid.”

Another suggested a solution to his problems writing: “Put a bottle of milk in there with loads of laxative and you soon find out who the thief is.”

One added: “Just label it as breast milk, that way no one will want it.”

Another posted: “A couple of drops of food colouring has an impressive effect at preventing milk thefts. Blue, for preference.”

However, other users shared their own experiences of the milk theft wars seemingly raging in British offices.

One wrote: “Milk theft seems to be rife at the moment. We had an issue with the legal department stealing the milk of people on considerably less money than them, then trying to say ‘I thought it was ours’, well aware that the name of our department on the milk was not theirs.

“A few embarrassing ‘hey [insert name here], they are using your milk again’ shouts from the other end of the office eventually put a stop to that.”

Another said: “A guy went mental at work. He accused everyone of putting salt in his tea. I said nobody has put salt in your tea, but I have put a f*** ton of salt in the milk.

“He then reported me to the boss, who called me in the office to ask why I had done it and when I said because it is my milk and I am fed up having it stolen.

“He sent out a memo to everyone stating that milk theft would be considered the same as any other type of theft and treated as gross misconduct.”

Two years ago, it emerged that officers at Halifax Police Station, West Yorkshire, were taking extreme measures to stop people from stealing their milk.

Police were padlocking their milk with plastic bowls, snaps taken by a trainee officer revealed.

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