Moment HGV smashes into back of “brake-checking” car in suspected crash for cash scam


DRAMATIC footage shows a HGV smash in to the back of a hatchback in a suspected “crash for cash” scam.

The car slows and then slams on its brakes, resulting in the lorry crashing into the back of the car and pushing it down the road.

Extensive damage to the back of the car is visible in the footage, which was released by the owner of the lorry company.

The incident happened on Thursday April 25 at about 3am on the A18 Scawby Road in Brigg near Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire.

The video was uploaded to a closed Facebook group by David Ashford, the owner of the lorry, who did not let his own driver off the hook.

He wrote: “I have no words, two grown ups using the public highway to see who has the biggest k**b.

“Unbelievable, they both deserve to be prosecuted.”

Speaking today David said: “I have reported this to the police as a suspected cash for crash.

The hit was captured on dashcam footage by the HGV driver

“The speed limit is 30 as it happens, the truck was doing 20.5mph when the car stood on the brakes.”

Explaining why he had been so critical of his own driver, he added: “He should be a professional, that’s why they are both to blame.

“He is driving a loaded 44 tonne artic and got way to close to the car not expecting the idiot to stamp on the brakes, he is stupid for getting so close and the car driver is simply suicidal.”

Most viewers of the clip agreed the car driver was the main culprit and that it was a possible crash for cash.

Extensive damage to the car is visible in the footage

One user wrote: “They had no lights on which is why he flashed them, then they brake tested him. B*ds on two counts.”

Another said: “Could be considered crash for cash. Dunno if brake checking is illegal (think it is) but cut out the high beam bits of the video to try and save your insurance.”

One wrote: “The car was p*g about and then tried brake testing him.

“With that footage he is safe in court.”

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