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To Troia (Portugal) with Love


Just a couple of years ago, Troia was considered one of the best kept secrets in Portugal. Understandable, given the magnificent beauty and unspoilt charms of this coastal haven.

Today, however, things are a little different. Not only is the secret out, it’s also being pitched by the Portuguese as ‘the new Algarve’. A clear indication that Troia has an incredibly bright future ahead of it.

A Perfect Getaway Point

The resort owes much of its success to the relatively recent introduction of the Setubal to Troia ferry service. Setubal, just for the record, being the home town of none other than Jose Mourinho. As a result, the very heart of Troia is now just an enjoyable hour’s drive from central Lisbon. Along with international tourists from all over Europe, Troia has become a popular getaway spot among Portuguese weekend-breakers.

Pristine golden sands give way to sparkling blue seas, where dolphins frolic and fishermen do as they’ve done here for generations. The charms of Troia are such that a growing audience of affluent Portuguese property owners are selling their Algarve villas and making a beeline for Troia. The short drive time from Lisbon to Troia also attracts wealthy city-dwellers with their sights set on holiday home investment opportunities.

Beach life really comes into its own in Troia, with a stunning 18km beach that’s a world away from the usual crowds and chaos. Even at the height of the busy season, it’s easy to find a secluded spot with few other people (if any) in the vicinity. Troia also enjoys the kind of year-round climate that’s the envy of much of Europe – blissful summers, mild winters and wall-to-wall sunshine throughout.

Awesome Activities and Amenities

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Troia Portugal exudes a uniquely undiscovered and unspoilt feel, which is unlike any resort you’ve encountered. A stroll down the seafront, flanked by pristine pine forests and the azure blue ocean, is just the thing to get a feel for what Troia is all about. High-octane water sports are always an option, but the true joy of an afternoon in Troia lies in doing nothing at all.

If golf happens to be your thing, you’ll find one of Portugal’s most renowned and revered courses right here in Troia. Boasting some of the most spectacular views out to sea and over the surrounding countryside, Troia Golf was designed by the famous American architect Bobby Jones. Beautiful it may be, but it’s also one of the most fiendishly challenging golf courses on the pro circuit. The stunning clubhouse alone, with its open terrace and unbroken views over the coastline, more than justifies the trip.

When the life aquatic beckons, simply hop on one of any of the excellent excursions out into the ocean. One particular highlight is the point where the River Sado meets the sea, which is no less than a playground for the resident dolphin pods. The nearby Serra da Arrábida Natural Park and the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve also warrant full exploration – all better experienced under the watch of an expert guide.

History and Culture

The culture of Troia is as unique as it is unforgettable. Many visitors descend on the region each year to visit the spectacular Roman ruins, perched right at the top of the hill and dating back almost 2000 years. This was once the location of the largest Roman fish salting and processing plant in the world, though today serves up some of the most beautiful panoramic views in Portugal.

Contemporary Troia is all about the kind of lifestyle everyone wishes they could live. Sun-drenched mornings, afternoons relaxing on the beer and never-ending lunches in the local cafes. Food is a religion to the people of Troia, based primarily around seafood and exquisite local wines. Bag yourself a prime spot on a terrace near Comporta, Carvalhal or Pego beach and you’ve everything you need for an unforgettable afternoon/evening.

Despite its current popularity, Troia remains a comparatively quiet and tranquil resort. Certainly not on the same level as the usual Algarve hotspots, in terms of visitor numbers. There’s an air of exclusivity about the place, but not to such an extent that it ever feels stuffy. Quite the opposite, in fact – you’ll scarcely find a warmer welcome anywhere in Portugal.

Rich history, close-up encounters with magnificent animals and perhaps the most beautiful beaches in the country. Just three of the reasons Troia is making a name for itself among the more discerning travellers.

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