Footage shows man “masquerading” as Yodel worker chucks parcel over gate


SHOCKING footage captures the moment a courier chucks a £140 parcel over a gate instead of taking it to the door – before running off.

The man can be seen approaching Becci Dickinson’s property in Selby, North Yorkshire, launching the parcel over the gate and making a quick getaway.

Despite wearing a Yodel jacket, the company claim the incident on June 28 has was nothing to do with them.

Becci, 32, then decided to upload the clip to a closed Facebook group on July 4.

She captioned the clip: “Surely they need to knock first?”

The video shows a delivery man creeping up to the gate of Becci’s property armed with a parcel he is meant to be dropping off.

As he reaches the gate, he takes a hard look around to make sure he is not being watched and then throws the parcel up the garden from behind the fence.

After his ‘delivery’, the man proceeds to run away, and Yodel branding is clearly seen on the back of his jacket as he turns around.

The unknown delivery man crept up to the customer’s fence

Despite that, the company have denied any wrongdoing and claimed that they have not made any deliveries to Becci’s address for months.

Yodel have expressed their confusion with the footage because the man is not known to them and claim he is “masquerading” as an employee.

Becci, was unaware the parcel – a Phillips shaver for her husband – had been delivered until the footage was shown to her.

Viewers of the clip were quick to condemn the actions of the delivery man.

The £140 package was launched across the garden towards the door

One wrote: “Love the way he legs it after chucking the package…”

Another said: “Like how he checked before he threw it.”

Another social media user pointed out: “It took him more effort to waddle down the side of the house, reach over the gate and launch the box than if he just pressed the doorbell!”

And one more commented: “That’s what I call a t*****.”

Yodel have said the man is unknown to them and are “100%” certain that no delivery was made by them

Yodel say the believe the courier was “masquerading” as one of their employees.

A spokesman said: “The organisation that shipped this item is not one of Yodel’s clients and records confirm that Yodel has not made any deliveries to the customer’s address in the last three months.

“Therefore, we can only conclude that the driver shown in the video is working for another carrier. We have had this checked several times and we are 100% certain he is not a Yodel driver.

“We don’t know who he is or how he got the jacket. This appears to be someone masquerading as a Yodel driver and it’s not on.”

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