“I’m gutted, lost, hurt” amputee navy veteran has £2k repair bike stolen


A DOUBLE amputee and navy veteran has said he feels “weak” after thieves stole a motorbike he spent the last two years repairing – worth around £2,000.

Mark’s 1980s motorbike was taken from his shed

Mark Hancock, 49, was repairing the vintage Honda 500 Shadow in memory of a friend’s brother, but was taken from him on Wednesday.

The veteran who uses a wheel-chair, discovered to his horror the 1980s motorbike and all of the equipment, which he collected over two decades, was taken from his shed.

The thieves have been branded “scum” by social media users

Mark, from Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, estimates the bike was valued around £2,000 with all the necessary parts and tools needed adding up to a grand total of £4,000.

He says the bike was only a month away from completion when it was taken. After years spent battling chronic regional pain – a condition that made both his legs ulcerated and left him in terrible pain- the veteran lost both his legs in 2007.

A fundraiser has been launched to help him to raise the funds to buy back the value of all the stolen goods and to serving the community.
Mark posted about the “scum” thieves on Facebook shortly after the incident on Wednesday.


He said: “To the low life scum who broke into my shed last night and stole a Honda 500 Shadow which has taken me two years to restore for a friend whom asked me to build this bike in remembrance for her brother.

“Not an easy task for a double amputee. And then to take every tooI I own, tools which have taken years to collect.

“These tools you took have now made it impossible for me to repair veterans and old people in wheelchairs and scooters for free. These people who fall through the cracks in society needed my help and I hope the police get you before we do.

“You are the scum of [the earth], the lowest of the low.”

Lionel Sifleet wrote under Mark’s post: “Total f*****g unnecessary reason for them to breathe, wasters.”

Linda Taylor added: “They’re the lowest of all hope they catch them and lock them up for a change.
“I’m sick of the injustice in the world about time we did like they do in America three strikes and locked up for life. Not treated like kings in posh cells but real hard labour like we used to.”

John Poole said: “Some real low life scum out their mate. Hope you get the bike and tools back and I hope the person or people who did this end up in a hospital bed soon . Good luck mate.”

Speaking today, Mark said: “I’m gutted, lost, hurt and guilty for losing the bike. I’m in anger and I feel failure and frustration and I didn’t expect to feel disabled and weak because of this.

Mark now volunteers with many charities who help veterans

“The red Honda belonged to a dear friend of mine who sadly lost her brother and asked if I would rebuild her 500cc Honda Shadow which took me just under two years the bike was to be in memory of her brother.

“It’s never been about money it has always been about helping the old, sick, veterans, disabled and anyone who needed help.

“I can’t work long on the bikes, due to my ill health but it keeps me going. I’d like to thank everyone for their support from Cornwall to Scotland.

Mark served in the submarines diesel and electric sonars ops serving in Raleigh, then the Navy’s submarine fighting unit Dolphin before spending time on several frigates before finishing.

In 1990, he left the Navy and was awarded in 2014 a Special Ministry of Defence pin and certificate to commend his six years of service in the Royal Navy’s elite submarine Unit.

Mark now gives back to the community by volunteering with many army charities that help former veterans.

Five years ago, Mark was reportedly slashed across the face by a pair of knife- wielding thugs- for just £70 and his phone.

He was attacked by robbers at his home hours after picking up an award for serving his country.

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