“You burglaring little b******!” Moment vigilante neighbour confronts man “looking for work” wearing latex gloves


By Joe Hutchison (07395192349)

A VIGILANTE filmed himself chasing off a latex glove-wearing suspected burglar from a neighbour’s house.

Jim Jolly confronts the hoodie-wearing cyclist who claims he is only “looking for work” despite his peculiar choice of handwear.

The increasingly-frantic suspect then peddles away from the scene as fast as he can, as Jim, 46, yells after him: “You burglaring little b******”.

The man suspiciously rides around the side of a house and on further inspection is wearing latex gloves.

The incident happened in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, yesterday after Jim spotted the man cycle to the back of the property and emerge with a gardening tool.

Jim posted the video on social media after his attempt to call the police by phone ended in failure.

He wrote: “Excuse my language but I just stopped this little scrote from burgling a house.

“Nice video for identification that I’ve put on here as that police number is taking forever to be answered.”

Jim took to Facebook to post his footage of the suspected burglar.

The footage shows Jim dash across the busy road between his and his neighbour’s house.

The video shows a man clearly wearing blue latex gloves cycling from the front garden of the property.

Jim says to the man: “Alright mate, can I help you?”

The man quickly makes his way out of the garden, onto the pavement saying: “No!”

Jim questions him further asking: “Are you sure? What the f*** you doing?”

After no reply, Jim repeats the question to which the man says: “Looking for work.”

Jim then says: “Do you live here mate?”

The man repeats his plea that he is looking for work and Jim says: “You are looking for work are you, I’ve just watched you been doing down that back way. You’ve got silicone gloves on mate.”

The man then pedals off across the road with Jim close behind who shouts: “You burglaring little b******.”

The man is then seen cycling off away from Jim as the video ends.


The video has been commented on relentlessly by local residents, praising Jim for his efforts and laughing at the burglar wearing latex gloves.

Heather Louise Reid said: “Maybe looking for work with forensic with his gloves on lol.”

Lee Douglas commented: “Just came to wash the pots with his marigolds right?”

Shawn Watson posted: “Should have given him a good leathering and took that bike off him cause that’s not his. No way.”

Lee Fishwick said: “Good effort Jim. He looks simple bless him. He’d make good cannon fodder.”

David Tungate also said: “We really should use these people to test new drugs & medicines.”

Speaking today, Jim said: “I live opposite and noticed him ride his bike down the drive to the back of the house. Then I see him with a gardening tool, I wasn’t sure if he either lived there or he was the gardener but my gut instinct told me to check it out just to be sure. That’s why I filmed the confrontation just in case.”

“Whilst I confronted him I noticed the silicone gloves and that just stunk of a burglar,he’s been named and is known to carry weapons and burgle houses so let’s hope the police get him soon.”

“Wish scum like him was sentenced more harshly instead of in and out of court with slapped wrists. I did it because it’s the neighbourly thing to do.”

Humberside Police said they would not comment on the incident as the suspect’s face was visible in the original video.

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