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Cheap ways to grow on social media


If you have a business, wish to own one or are an influencer or want to become one, social media is (or should be) high on your priority list.

Mastering social media in 2020 is integral to the success of any business.

However, most methods and techniques for growing your social media involve tons of expenses, both financially and timewise.

Our guide offers the least expensive and timesaving ways of getting more likes and followers on any social media.

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Collaborations with other up-and-coming creators

Collabs with high-profile influencers might be hard to do if you are new. They will likely be hesitant towards working with a new face. However, you can always try.

What we recommend is seeking out fellow newcomers and finding likeminded and like oriented influencers or content creators for partnering. Do a video series, upload a Q and A, do shocking flashmobs or pranks. Whatever.

At first, the most important thing is for people to see you and recognise you. After you partner up with someone, growing on social media becomes that much more straightforward.

More videos

Visual content is king. No matter how good of a copywriter you are, how touching or thrilling your text is, visual content will be a more efficient way of posting on social media. 

Time has shown that cinema and TV are the two, most sought-after mediums for advertisement and thus are the most profitable. Radio, newspapers, magazines and other sources could be your bread and butter, but taking popularity and success to the next level is heavily reliant on video marketing. 

If your face or form of video is recognisable, that adds even more value to your advertisement.

Let’s imagine a famous actor like Dwayne Johnson or George Clooney. Even though their voices are recognisable, the effect of seeing them on the screen is a lot stronger. ‘Oh, look, it’s George Clooney!’.

When an ad or content displays a familiar face, human psychology tends to boost trust. However, it is expensive for ad companies. Which also makes a recognisable face (which comes from video content) a more lucrative advertising option for you, the fresh look in the social media influencing business.

Costs no money, just time.

Buy followers

Sometimes people shy away from this practice. However, for starting a social media account or when boosting a campaign, increasing visibility of your page or just for a great set off, bought Insta followers are a solid choice.

Cheaper than grinding endlessly!

If you opt to buy Instagram followers for cheap, you instantly get additional credibility to your page, service or brand. People do trust a page which has more followers. Nonetheless, don’t go overboard and avoid chasing six digits when you have a single post. Utilise it slowly but surely and buying Instagram followers online will surely bring in tons of benefit!

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