Bizarre picture shows toilet roll secured by metal chain in London council toilet


BIZARRE pictures show a toilet roll secured by a metal chain in what is claimed to be a local council-run toilet.

A note “explains” that Hackney Council in London had been forced to take the extraordinary step as a result of people stealing toilet paper.

The images show a heavy duty  iron chain that goes through the middle of the roll and is secured with a padlock.

Art Sejdu, 26, from London, discovered the chain on the toilets in London Fields yesterday afternoon.

The note from the council reads: “Unfortunately there has been a significant increase in the theft of toilet paper and soap from Hackney’s public toilets in recent weeks.

The bizarre scene caused a stir online

“If toilet paper and soap continues to be removed as soon as it is replenished we will be forced to close the park toilet.

“Please respect your fellow park users. Thank you.”

He uploaded the images to Twitter captioned with: “Hackney Council is taking no chances with the toilet paper situation in the public loos at London Fields” followed by hashtag COVID — 19.

@melbezalel wrote under Art’s post: “Oh my god. Mental.”

@SilverbackKing9 added: “Is that a rat hole in the corner?”

@HerbertTirol said: “They closed all the public loos round my way decades ago due to degenerate behaviour.”

@InnercircleJ commented: “Would take about 30 second to unroll the whole lot. brainlets”.

Speaking today Art said: “Maybe Hackney Council is a visionary and has always known this could be an issue. I assumed it was new because of the sign but don’t actually know.

“So this was at the public loos in London Fields (the actual park). I was walking through having been at lunch with some pals. Trying hard to support local business before everyone gets isolated etc.

“We decided to walk through the fields to the overground to get home and that’s when I was delighted to see the loos open. As a tall guy with a weak bladder, if I see an opportunity to wee I take it.”

He added: “As I walk in, I immediately notice the sign, find it equally funny (that this is the mad world we now live in) and sad (that people have had to resort to this).

“Go into the cubicle to pee and see the loo roll and burst out laughing. It was a very funny response to this crisis and possibly ill thought out – surely you can just unroll the whole thing?

“Maybe they’ll need a guard by the door to search bags in case someone tries to sneak in chain cutters.”

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