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Scottish Premiership season set to end early?


The coronavirus pandemic has continued to be a major thorn in sport this year, and of course economies in general around the world. Fans are moving online and using different offers such as the best casino bonus to play casino games, as near record numbers have been seen with sport continuing to be cancelled around the world.

These mass cancellations and postponements of events are leading to endless troubles and football is no different. The big question many leagues are facing is whether to wait it out and complete or to simply cancel the remainder of the season and start a fresh from the usual date of next seasons campaign.

The Scottish Premiership is now rumoured to be set to give the green light and draw an end to the current season, with no likely future date as to when and if the season will be able to be finished.

Photo by Martha Dominguez de Gouveia on Unsplash

This is following the recent news that UEFA are now indicating that leagues that cancel will still be allowed to take part in European competition next season, something they were initially using as a means of ensuring that European leagues would finish their seasons.

UEFA are set to hold a meeting this week on how they are going to determine the European positions for each league. These guidelines will cover leagues that have already been cancelled, such as the Belgian and Dutch leagues and others that are set to follow, such as the Scottish Premiership. The Dutch league had to cancel, as the country recently put a further three month ban on mass public events, meaning there would be no possibility of the season returning until the start of September, which would simply be too late.

In Scotland it is a similar story, with Sturgeon recently claiming that football will not return behind closed doors, which further adds to the expectation that the top flight will be cancelled in the near future. Scottish football has also already been cancelled in the lower divisions, but the top flight have had to wait on their decision in order to keep to UEFA measures. This is due to the fact that both Celtic and Rangers are taking part in these competitions, with the latter still in the Europa league knockout stages.

UEFA are still stating that they ‘strongly recommend’ that competitions are to be completed when possible, with the Premier league continuing to look at options in order for this to happen, as Liverpool are just a few matches away from winning their first Premier league title since its inauguration. This follows on from the European championships being moved to next year, in order to give each European league even more chance of finishing their domestic competitions.

It is now set to be an interesting few weeks ahead, with Celtic all but set to land another Scottish Premiership title, which means it will be there 51st title and ninth in succession.

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