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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Twitter Account And Many Followers


Social media had made a big present to the businesses of different kinds. They have given businesses the opportunity to explore their audience with a much more effective result. Also, using social media as a promotion engine has increased the chances of small brands to compete with bigger companies. Business has become more client-oriented, than ever before, and social networks, like Twitter, are a very helpful tool for reaching out to your customers. Here we want to discover with you the 5 reasons why do you need to get an account and start gaining Twitter followers instantly!


The secret for the popularity of this social platform is the fact that it is based on texting specifically. Yes, visual materials are important and we shall talk about them later. But the key to gain more followers on Twitter is communication through short messages, kinda like SMS. And your business needs more subscribers to improve.

Having an active profile on twitter can also increase your traffic to the site, as people tend to follow the brand whose products they would like to buy, or have already purchased. This fact makes your account on Twitter very useful, as you can gather various feedback about your company’s products.

To make your Twitter work as an aggregator of the opinions about your business, make sure that you cover the three main things:

  • Customer service. Make Twitter one of the platforms where you solve controversial situations with your clients. By doing this, you will show how much you care about your clientele, and that would encourage other people to buy your product, as they see a fine communication between the business and consumers.
  • Entertainment. Just like any other social network, Twitter is supposed to be fun. Adding memes, interesting topics for discussion, contests, lotteries, etc., can work really good for your brand, as that makes the crowd more loyal to it. Besides, it dilutes promoting posts, so they look organically in user’s newsfeeds.
  • Promotion of your product. The actual marketing strategy, that has to increase your sales and overall interest to your brand. The limit of symbols on Twitter is 280, so here’s the golden moment for your visual content.

There are many other nuances that complete the marketing strategy, but they all are individual and depend strongly on the industry and influence of the brand.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Twitter Account And Many Followers
5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Twitter Account And Many Followers Image supplied


Social media are a very effective tool when it comes to the matter of making people know about you. Being active online means that people get to know the values of your brand and feel encouraged to buy products. And if they have a positive experience with the process and result of the purchase, there’s a big chance that they will recommend your profile to their friends. So you have to provide the most interesting and valuable information about your products, to pick the interest of occasional viewers. Also, as we have mentioned before, your task is to create a positive reputation for your customer service, so people can also talk about how good you are at that.

Tip: your best friends to increase brand awareness are Twitter Ads (with the feature of promoted tweet), and hashtags.

Hashtags are something you can make experiments about, launching different tags and testing how the audience reacts to them. Also don’t forget to add some trendy tags that are correlating with your niche, to make your page more discoverable.


Twitter is a wonderful base for performing viral promotion campaigns. The easiest way is to spread the information about your product is to use CTA’s (call-to-action), that encourage retweeting and replying. That is relatively simple thing to do, and the result can be more effective than you expect. This strategy is incredibly useful when you make a special offer for your followers on Twitter. With making something exclusive just for the crowd within the platform can please your potential customers and double the speed of your expansion.


Also, a worthy instrument to catch the attention of a bigger audience is contests, lotteries, giveaways, and other similar things. These activities are working their best for many reasons:

  • They drive up the activity on your page
  • They deliver traffic to your site
  • They increase your rates for Twitter algorithms
  • They attract many new followers who automatically become potential customers

Remember that when you are running different campaigns and features, you need to gather a feedback from your followers to know if you are on the right path.


Almost every self-respecting business has a profile on social media. So this is a great chance to find out what are your competitors doing, and what results do they get. This way you can see your progress compared to other inhabitants of your industry, and make relevant decisions. Or not change a thing, if you are going well.

Unlike many other platforms where fake news is a common thing, Twitter still is one of the most operative and trustworthy sources of information. Nowadays it is very important to be aware of the latest affairs in the world, and show the attitude to them. Also, sharing such information with your followers tightens the connection between them and your brand. And dilutes your promoting tweets very well.

The faster you react to the things in the world, the more support will come from your audience, because just selling stuff is not enough. To be successful on Twitter, you need to have a voice that gathers a community around you. The ethical values of your company are now one of the most important things to share.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Twitter Account And Many Followers
Use Twitter to develop a personality. Image suppplied


On social platforms, the robotic style of communication will not work. You need to personalize your brand, in order to get a better connection to users. To hit your target audience right in their hearts, you need to make a human face for your business. This is what helps you to bond with your customers and get their loyalty ( and increase sales, of course). Here are the tips for a fantastic personification of your brand:

  • Formulate your ethical values and ecological initiatives to earn the appreciation from different activist groups
  • Show your position towards the main problems of the modern society
  • Be tolerant and open-minded (racism or sexism are not cool, guys)
  • Avoid general replies, and try to be attentive to everyone

The tips look not too complicated, but in the modern diversity, it can be hard to find your place and give the voice to your idea. But if you have a strong position, you will be heard.


As we can see from the article, Twitter is one of the best tools for promoting your brand. The main advantages of this platform are:

  • Better connection with your customers
  • Improved customer support
  • Keeping up with competitors
  • Opportunities for experimental promotion strategies
  • Better reach to your audience
  • Fast expansion
  • Getting lots of traffic to your website and related social media profiles

The strategy of business marketing on Twitter is a complicated matter. Yet, with a clear understanding of your end goal, you can reach the highest stars. The first advantage to notice is that the marketing on Twitter can be much cheaper, comparing to the traditional ads campaigns. It can even be totally free. But we still recommend to use at least Twitter ads, and a little boost to your followers, to be one step forward from your competitors.

Before you start your campaign on Twitter, be sure that you have got enough knowledge and experience to launch your brand. Either way, you should consult with specialist of SMM about anything that concerns you.

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