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What it Means to Finance a Business


Every business needs financing to progress, whether or not the finances are from your pockets. In most cases, business owners tend to seek finance from other sources to thrive and there are different ways to go about this. Many large-cap companies also seek finances to keep thriving and it might be easy for them due to their track records and connections. On the flip side, small businesses don’t have that luxury and may struggle to finance their business. Finding the right model is also important, as financing from the wrong source can ruin your business in the long run. 

There are different ways to get finance to buy a business and you just need to figure out the one that works best for you and the business you’re about to acquire. 

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Use Your Funds

It is generally advised that you have some money stored up for the business before seeking external help. However, this can’t work for everyone, as not everyone can afford to save up to the amount they need. Also, you could save up some amount and it would still not be enough or you might need some more help at some point in the course of the business. 

However, it is still worth the try and will reduce the number of loans you may have to acquire in the long run. If you plan to buy a business, consider how much you already have, and see how much more you can save up to support yourself.

Bank Loan

Bank loans are quite common and easily the first option anyone would think of when considering taking a loan. However, getting a loan from traditional banks isn’t as simple as it seems, as it involves a strict process with several requirements. You will be required to have substantial assets to serve as collateral, good personal credit, and a solid track record. Many small businesses are unable to meet these criteria and would rather opt for other loans with easier requirements. This could also be the reason why only 48% of small businesses overall have their financing needs met. 

SBA Loan

An SBA loan is an easier way to get finance for your business and following recent data, the average SBA loan amount is $107,000. SBA does not lend money to businesses directly but rather connects them to other lenders, including banks, by providing guarantees and safety measures. In addition to the guidelines set by SBA, banks or other lenders can decide to add their extra requirements and in this case, you can opt for the one with the least requirements that would work for you. 

Bottom Line

Businesses will always require funding, whether at the early stage or later. While there are different means of funding available, every small business owner should look through their options closely, conduct research, and opt for the one that’s best for them. Factors to consider include the amount you’re eligible to borrow, the interest rate, and how long you have to pay back the loan.

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