Reality star shares hilarious photos of shrunken sex toy – Viral News UK


A REALITY star has shared hilarious images showing the result after he accidentally tumble dried his sex toy.

The London-based performer, known as Cain, posted the comical snaps following the mishap on Saturday.

The 25-year-old accidentally bundled the toy into his dryer with a load of washing, with disastrous consequences.

The Twitter post showing the shrunken toy - Viral News UK
The 25-year-old accidentally bundled the toy into his dryer and shared his find with Twitter

The images show Cain’s £9 sex toy in a melted heap in the palm of his hand.

The 6” device has been reduced to an almost unrecognisable shriveled mess.

Cain, who is due to star in upcoming LGBTQ+ reality show Slag Wars, took to social media to share the blunder.


He posted the images with the warning: “Don’t accidentally tumble dry your d**** guys.”

Cain - Viral News UK
Cain, is due to star in upcoming LGBTQ+ reality show Slag Wars.

His tweet quickly went viral, racking up more than 40,000 likes and leaving social media users in stitches.

@bjcke replied: “Why is this so funny?”

@brother_ofmine added: “He’s clearly a grower and not a shower.”

@princesslex_xo commented: “Hahaha I am dead.”

While one user asked: “How does one tumble dry a d****?”

The shrunken dildo Cain put in the dryer - Viral News UK
The shrunken sex toy was liked on social media over 40,000 times

Speaking today, Cain explained: “I had all my clothes in a pile in my room, I must have dropped the d**** on or in them.

“Then the next day when I was pottering around I must’ve shoved it all in the tumble dryer at once.

“I felt silly when I saw it, but I thought, oh well, I have more!

“I think the reaction is so hilarious.

“I checked my Twitter the next day and saw a million notifications, I thought it was the Slag Wars promo image – and was like ‘oh here we go, this is it’.

“Turns out it was my d****.

“it’s mad, I post a hundred photos of my d* online every week, but trust it to be my d** that goes viral first.”

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