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Vibrant Scottish Festivals 2021 Postponed Till 2021  


This year has been quite tough for all of us. It was nothing as we could expect or predict. So many plans have been broken, so many events postponed.

Luckily, as the world is slowly preparing to return back to normal, we can think of all the things we have missed in 2020 and how we can get them back in the upcoming year.

Among all those things, Scottish festivals that all have been canceled in 2020 take a special place in our hearts. Many of them are promising us to return in the next year. Let’s see what great Scottish festivals of 2020 will make their comebacks in 2021.

A man playing bagpipes
Photo by Tom Copus on Unsplash

The Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games 

This is one of the oldest festivals on our list. Back in 1946, no one could predict what a long history this festival will have.

Unfortunately, this year was the first time the organizers had to cancel the festival. This event is the celebration of Scottish culture and traditions.

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Of course, the new date was arranged rather quickly. Everyone who was planning to go this year should reserve the beginning of August 2021 in their calendars. This is the time and place to be!

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Just the name itself promises something fascinating. And it does deliver. It is a special time to celebrate Scottish traditions, military history, and the unity of the people.

The celebrations draw in countless artists and performers, as well as visitors from all over the world. It is a perfect place to show the customs of the Scottish military, and promote Scottish culture.

The event also supports a number of military charities. This year it was the 70th anniversary of the festival, hence missing it was particularly bitter to everyone.

Edinburgh Art Festival

The art festival in Edinburg usually lasts the entire month. It is the time when artists and everyone who can appreciate a good painting gather together in unity. This art community is truly something special.

UK artists, museums, galleries gather together to organize a unique month for the art scene. The festival introduces the best example of visual arts from the UK and across the globe.

Emerging artists get their chance to shine while old-timers can at last meet with their colleagues and friends. Well, the world art community, not just the UK, have lost a lot this year. If you relied on this festival to help you with your art paper, check out these affordable papers reviews to find out how they can help. The festival so far has been rescheduled to next year.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Another Scottish art festival that was canceled is the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It is among the world’s largest festivals of its kind.

It is a true celebration of any artistic expressions, whether it’s dance, painting, theatre, musicals, and even cabaret.

It is also a charity that works on the social issues of the region.

The need to close this year’s festival due to the pandemic was a hard decision for all. Though, hopefully, next year everything will be back to normal.


Glasgow also had to cancel the most vibrant music festivals this year. Counterflows is a celebration of underground and experimental music.

This year the festival was expecting a great line up of famous international artists. Though, of course, the event had to be canceled.

In fact, since the festival usually takes place in the middle of spring, there was no hesitation about what needed to be done.

The next year will be the tenth anniversary of the festival, so, luckily, we can expect something really special to make up for the year lost.

Glasgow International

At the beginning of this spring, Scotland had to host another International big art festival. This festival was also important for the public due to this year’s theme, Attention.

What a great topic that was considered the current state of society, overloaded informational flow, social media, and lack of time for things that are truly important.

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Glasgow International was one of the first festivals to be canceled this year, though not the last one, of course. However, the novelty of the cancelation of such a big event was truly devastating for everyone involved. Luckily, we hope the next year will bring us some consolation.

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