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Supersonic RAF jet suspected of causing panic in Western Isles


ISLANDERS thought their roofs were about to fall in following a suspected sonic boom.   Residents of the Western Isles reported a massive blast which caused windows to rattle and bottles to be knocked off a bar.   The RAF has admitted the panic could have been caused by one of its jets breaking the […]

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Sheriff Liddle claims courts in crisis


A SERVING judge has angrily complained that his court is in “crisis” as a result of “gross overloading”.   Sheriff Gordon Liddle launched an outspoken and unprecedented public attack from the bench after being told cases were being sent to his already “clogged up” court from other areas.   The long-serving judge, who is also […]

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Campaign to save holiday playground from the sea


A CAMPAIGN has been launched to save one of Scotland’s most celebrated holiday playgrounds from destruction by the sea.   Shocking pictures show how the a vast area of the beach at Brodick, Arran, has disappeared in the past five decades.   In the 1960s and 70s the town’s long crescent of sand attracted thousands […]

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Bobbe the bulldog’s breeding chances “ruined” by surgery


A DOG owner claims her £3,000 pedigree pet’s chances of breeding have been ruined after surgery spoiled his “good looks”.   Bobbe the British Bulldog underwent an operation on folds of skin on his face to improve a painful skin condition.   Owner Victoria Van-Beck, 39, reckons the £350 op should have been restricted to […]

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Tower of London poppies banned from war graves

featured image

RELATIVES of soldiers who died in the First World War have been banned from placing Tower of London poppies on their graves in France and Belgium.   The Commonwealth War Graves Commission said it would remove any of the £25 ceramic poppies placed on headstones to the fallen because of rules about the appearance and […]

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Deaths of rare turtles could be linked to jellyfish numbers

featured image

A BIG increase in the number of jellyfish in Scottish waters could be linked to the reported deaths of five rare leatherback turtles.   Experts suspect the endangered species have followed their prey close to Scottish shores and have become entangled in creel ropes.   A photograph of a dead leatherback recovered off the coast […]

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Photobambi: wild deer barges into woman’s mountain picture


HILARIOUS pictures show the moment a woman was photobombed by a deer as she tried to snap one of Scotland’s most iconic mountains. Alison Neilly was transfixed by the image of mist descending on 3350ft (1022m) Buachaille Etive Mor, Glencoe, and stopped to capture the scene. But just as she took what should have been […]

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Video captures woman trying to fight her way into cab

to be edited

AMAZING video footage has emerged of a woman trying to fight her way into a taxi in the middle of a busy street.   The clip which was filmed in Dundee and appeared on YouTube and Facebook, shows a woman in black arguing and shouting at a man in the taxi’s driver seat.   The […]

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Stolen sheepdog was recovering from road accident reveals heartbroken owner

Floss  was only just beginning to recover a horrific road accident when she was stolen

THE owner of a stolen sheepdog has said she is “spitting blood” after her pet survived being run over – only to be snatched by thieves from just outside her front door. Marion Lauder’s working border collie Floss was stolen from its kennel outside her house on Saturday night. Ms Lauder had been on holiday […]

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Ghost image found in National Trust for Scotland stable

The misty apparition in Drum Castle was caught by a motion sensitive web-cam in the stables.

THE National Trust for Scotland think they have snapped a ghostly apparition in stables in Drum Castle. The vapourous, misty apparition was shot by a motion activated web-cam in the stables by the National Trust’s wildlife team to monitor a nesting family of swallows during the summer of 2015. The 14th Century Drum Castle is […]

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Daughter reunited with dad – two days before he dies

Attachment 4

A DAUGHTER was reunited with her father after 43 years apart – only for him to die two days later. Mary Garcia flew 4,600 miles from Texas to Kirkcaldy, Fife, to meet the father she had not seen since 1971. But by then Jim McKelvie, 66, was dying of cancer and passed away – holding […]

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Leaked gig rider suggests Biffy Clyro went a bit Spinal Tap

Biffy Clyro

SCOTS rockers Biffy Clyro may have gone a bit “Spinal Tap” during their rise to the top, if a document detailing their special requests is anything to go by.   The leaked “rider” for the band’s 2012 festival appearances shows the group’s management insisted on “isolated compound” of at least eight rooms arranged around a […]

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Scotland’s answer to School of Rock gets £300K to triple numbers

Dad's Rock,

SCOTLAND’S real-life answer to School of Rock has been awarded a £300,000 grant by lottery chiefs.   Dads Rock in Edinburgh is a nursery group run by men where youngsters get a healthy serving of Queen classics alongside their morning snack.   Like something out of Jack Black’s classic comedy, youngsters get to play guitars, […]

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Taxpayers fork out £4 a time for council’s toe curling soap operas

Arrears 5

A CASH-strapped council has been condemned for squandering £10,000 on toe-curling soap operas.   Only 2,500 people have watched the East Lothian Council mini-dramas on YouTube – meaning they cost taxpayers £4 every time they were viewed.   The River City-style episodes, featuring professional actors, are meant to provide a handy guide to services.   […]

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Heavy waves and wind left Lewis beaches plastered with foam two feet thick

foamy water

LEWIS is in a lather after heavy waves and wind left beaches plastered with foam two feet thick. The island’s Dalmore beach was covered in a mass of froth on Tuesday morning as a result of organic matter in the water being whipped up. Chris Murray, from Inverness, took pictures of his dog playing in […]

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Pink Floyd legend condemns “tragic” plan to deport top US musician from Scotland

American musician wants to stay

A LEGENDARY American session musician who worked with David Bowie and Pink Floyd as well as creating music for countless movies is battling deportation from Scotland.   Percussionist Steve Forman has been passing on his skills to dozens of students at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow – without costing UK taxpayers “a dime”. […]

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Deer has a break with a KitKat


A DEER has been captured on video having a break – with a KitKat. The clip shows the “wild” animal taking the chocolate snack from a motorist amid the splendour of Glencoe. The deer – which appears to show no fear – sticks its head almost inside the car before being hand fed. After swallowing […]

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Scots restaurant has made 430,000 pizzas with 18-year-old dough

18 year old sourdough

A SCOTTISH restaurant has served up more than 430,000 pizzas – all made with dough that is now 18 years old.   The Glasgow eaterie created a sample of “sour dough” at its opening in 1998 which it has kept alive ever since.   Chefs regularly take a small sample of the original dough and […]

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OAPs body-swerve cops to occupy Scotland Office

final edit of protesters 1

PENSIONERS breezed past police to “occupy” the offices of the Secretary of State for Scotland yesterday – only to discover he was on holiday.   Veteran anti-nuclear campaigners targeted Alistair Carmichael’s workplace amid the stately surroundings of Edinburgh’s west end.   The protesters, who normally attempt to blockade the gates of Faslane in the west […]

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Meteorology and two veg: cloud forms monster penis over Scotland


A PHOTOGRAPHER went out to capture shafts of sunlight and ended up with meteorology and two veg. John Seggie caught the astonishingly willy-like cloud formation in the skies above Kilbirnie, North Ayrshire on Wednesday evening. John, 60, who swears the picture is 100% genuine, said: “It gave me a bit of a laugh. I was […]

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