Sunday, May 22, 2022
1Card skimming warning at RBS machine on Princes Street

Card skimming warning at RBS machine on Princes Street

By Amanda MacMillan

A NEW warning has been issued for people using cash machines in Edinburgh after a card skimming device was discovered attatched to one of the city’s busiest outlets.

Lothian and Borders Police are urging the public to remain vigilant after it was found on an RBS cash machine on Princes Street.

The device was found around 7pm on Tuesday after a man noticed that the ATM had been tampered with when attempting to withdraw cash.

Detectives have now seized the device, which is described as being approximately 10cm long and 1.5cm thick with a small hole cut in it, through which a mobile phone was used to record pin numbers typed into the keypad.

A police spokesman said: “People using cash machines are often in a hurry to withdraw cash and be on their way and as such fail to notice that the ATM has been altered by criminals looking to gain access to their pin number and bank accounts.

“Our communities should always make sure that the machine they are using is safe and never key in details to a machine they have doubts about.

“Anyone who spots a card-skimming device on an ATM should remove it and bring it to the attention of the bank who operate the machine, who will in turn, alert police.”

“In addition, if you see suspicious activity on your bank account, please bring it to the attention of your bank as soon as possible.”

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