Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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Sometimes it’s best to know when to be quiet

I have never been a huge fan of The Apprentice but this season does have me hooked.

In particular, the episode on Wednesday night was a cracker.

In a shock exit Paloma Vivanco was fired after failing to shut her mouth.

To be honest I did see it coming. Despite being a good team leader and succeeding in most of the tasks, in the end Paloma’s inability to stop talking caused Lord Sugar to say the famous words “you’re fired.”

She showed her true colours a few weeks back when she appeared in the boardroom and her tactics were to slag off the other two candidates as much as possible and this week was no different.

After a task which involved both teams selling designer clothing to shoppers in Manchester’s Trafford Centre Team Apollo narrowly to their opponents, Team Synergy.

Team leader Paloma was automatically taken to the boardroom.

With her was Sandeesh Samra, who Paloma bravely said had done well overall but that she was taking her in as she felt that she wasn’t as strong a candidate overall as others – a bold statement which added to her demise.

Alex Epstein made up the three and appeared to be treated as somewhat of a scapegoat for the failure of the entire task after choosing the wrong place for a promotional area to sell the team’s clothing.

But the final nail in Paloma’s coffin was when she interrupted Lord Sugar at the end to try and redeem herself. But it only made matters worse.

It does beg the question can you talk yourself out of an opportunity. A glowing CV and a good track record on tasks amounted to nothing after Paloma slagged off the other two candidates in a bid to get herself ahead.

It only left Lord Sugar with no choice but to let her go.

It shows that sometimes it is best just to be quiet. If she had then the outcome would most certainly be different and I think that she would have lasted a good number of weeks.

Despite their survival I do think that Sandeesh and Alex will not be in the competition for long.

Predictions are Liz Loche or Stella English to win.

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