Three cows crushed after heavy snow causes barn roof to collapse


THREE cows were crushed to death when a barn roof collapsed on them after a build up of heavy snow.

Fire crews were called to Stenhouse Farm in Kirkcaldy at 6.30am yesterday (Sat) to assist the farmer in rescuing another 26 of his cattle, which were also trapped in the debris.

A decontamination unit was also called in as it was believed there could be asbestos in the roof, but they stood down after safety checks had been carried out.

A spokeswoman for Fife Fire and Rescue said: “Three cattle out of 29 died when the roof of their barn shed caved in because of snow sitting on top of it.

“We attended on Saturday morning and three fire crews from Lochgelly helped the farmer rescue his remaining cattle.

“They also assisted him in removing cattle from other sheds as a precaution for the animals’ safety.”