Chimps Cold Treats


Zoo keepers at Edinburgh’s Zoo have treated the chimpanzees of the Budongo Trail by giving them homemade ice lollies. These ice lollies were given as an alternative way to keep the chimps cooled during the hot weather.

Dee Masters, team leader of the Budongo Trail said that : “The frozen treats are a lot like healthy ice lollies. We mix fruit juice and chopped fruit, sometimes honey and peanuts too, and freeze them.”

Alison Bates, Senior Keeper of the Budongo Trail, spoke about how the chimpanzees like to wait until the ice lolly has melted before receiving the tasty treat in the middle but mentioned that some of the chimps just bite right through the frozen treats.

Edinburgh Zoo’s specially built facility Budongo Trail is home to a group of 21 chimpanzees.