Makeover-man Justin Ryan branded “fatty gay” in innocent culture blunder


TV makeover guru Justin Ryan has revealed how a hilarious accent mix-up made him think he was getting homophobic abuse from a foreigner.

The Scots celebrity said a pretty Frenchwoman called him a “fatty gay” as he dozed in an airport lounge.

But Justin, who has spoken about his battle to keep the pounds off, eventually realised the woman had simple asked “fatigue?” – French for “tired”.

Justin thought he was called a "fatty gay"
Justin thought he was called a “fatty gay”


The 45-year-old, from Glasgow, shared the story on Facebook last night.

He told followers: “In the airport lounge today I was napping and there was a really pretty girl sitting next to us who smiled, but for the most part remained silent.

“When I managed to wake myself up with a wee snort, I caught her eye, at which point she smiled and said ‘fatty gay?’

“Well I immediately looked down to see if my Ralph Lauren sweatshirt had rolled itself up over my tummy and when I saw that it hadn’t I sent her a one part friendly / one part withering look.

“How dare she! Fatty gay? Then she said it again, but this time I discerned a French accent. Ah…’Fatigue?’ Of course. She was saying: ‘You tired?’ Bless.”

Justin realised that the girl was a fan of his interior design show, which has been renamed ‘Deco Boys’ for a French audience.

He added: “After I explained the confusion, we laughed and shared a fun and chatty half hour. Still giggling!”

After sharing his story, it was liked more than 350 times on Facebook.

One fan, Jacquie McCallum, said: “Hahahahahahahaha brilliant! I can actually picture your face hee hee hee thanks for sharing.”

Linda Gale Sedore added: “That is hilarious!”

Wendy Hoffman was less kind, writing: “Darling. If you thought she was calling you a fatty gay, then maybe it is time to get on le treadmill? Just saying.”

Justin has previously spoken out about his dieting, admitting to using slimming shakes in the past.

After leaving the jungle on reality-TV show I’m a Celebrity in 2009, the TV star said he was thrilled that he lost a stone and a half.

Speaking at the time he said: “Oh my god, have you any idea how much I’ve spent on milkshake drinks!”

Only last month evidence emerged proving that parliamentary officials in London are baffled by the accents of Scottish MPs.

One Hansard reporter sent a note to a Scottish MP asking why he made a reference to the SNP calling them “big fairies”.

Bemused Jim Sheridan MP was forced to explain that he actually said “big fearties”.