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A horrified mother has gone public with a picture of her unconscious son in a bid to end Neknominate

A HORRIFIED mother has gone public with a shocking picture of her unconscious and vomit-covered son in a bid to end to Neknominate craze.

Nikki Hunter found her son passed out on the sofa after drinking three bottles of spirits as part of the internet dare.

The 40-year-old at first feared he might be dead or dying and placed him in the recovery position to assist his breathing.

Nikki Hunter found her son unconscious and covered in vomit after recording a Neknominate video.
Nikki Hunter found her son unconscious and covered in vomit after recording a Neknominate video.

Terrified that Keiren could easily have killed himself, Nikki posted the picture online and asked everyone to share it.

The 40-year-old wrote: “Please share folks. I don’t want another parent to walk into this scene or god forbid something worse to matter what age your child is.”

She told her son on Facebook:  “Keiren you actually drank nearly three bottles of spirits – vodka, whisky, Southern Comfort, Bacardi and sherry – you could have killed yourself.

“Especially when your body’s not used to it. That’s why you’re getting abuse and paying for a professional cleaner to clean my settee.”

Nikki and a badly hungover Keiren at home.
Nikki and a badly hungover Keiren at home.

Keiren, 19, a student from Prestonpans, East Lothian, had accepted a dare to film himself downing a deadly mixture of Vodka, Whiskey, Southern comfort, Bacardi and Sherry – topped off with Irn Bru.

Just hours after his mother posted the picture of him comatose and covered in sick, the pictures had been shared 15,000 times.

Keiren said: “My mum put me in the recovery position because she thought I wasn’t breathing, then she put me in a cold bath because I was having hot flushes.

“When I woke up this morning I got a good telling off and sent back to bed. I had a major hangover and a load of abuse on Facebook.

“I drank the drink three times because the first two attempts didn’t film so I drank way more than I should have.

“I was really stupid, If I’d have known people had died from doing it then I wouldn’t have done it in the first place.

“I love my mum, she just wanted to start a campaign to encourage people not to do it.”

Family friend, Sarah Whyte, was one of those who posted the shocking picture on behalf of the distraught mother.

She said: “This is my friend’s son. She left the house at 12.30pm, returned at 4.30pm to this, the result of Neknominations.

“Doesn’t bear thinking about what would have happened is she hadn’t gone home early.

“He’s lucky enough that the worst he will suffer is a major hangover, major grief from his mum and the embarrassment of what he has done.

“She wants this picture shared as much as possible to show how ridiculous and dangerous this craze is! Terrifying to any parent!”

Keiren also apologised on Facebook after receiving a torrent of abuse.

He said: “ I know what I did was wrong and stupid but people need to get a grip and realise ppl make mistakes in life.

“I know I’m an idiot but it’s my life and I know the consequences of what could have happened.”

Horrified social media users reacted strongly to the picture, branding it “stupid”, “scary” and “horrendous.”

Hazel Morton said: “ Oh dear could of killed himself,choking on his own vomit. Stupid kid.”

Chyvonne Billah said: “This is shocking it’s a huge eye opener for me i can honestly say i had never heard of this until now.

“Thoughts to the lads mum she must of been petrified. Young lads so easy led astray. So so sad.”

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