Students at Aberdeen University top STD poll for Scotland


MORE than one in ten students at Aberdeen University has caught a sexually transmitted infection, a new survey has revealed.

The institution’s 12% infection rate meant they took second place in the poll of UK universities by The Tab student website.

The rate for STIs at Aberdeen rate was twice as high as the next-worst Scottish university, Edinburgh, where 6% of students admitted to having had a sexually-transmitted disease.

Only two Scottish Universities made the list
Only two Scottish Universities made the list

The Tab’s sex survey was completed online by 12,708 students at 36 universities across the UK.

Sussex University, Brighton, topped the poll at 13%.

Edinburgh shared its sixth place with Newcastle, Birmingham and Bristol.

No other Scottish universities made their way into the top 30.

Students at Edinburgh said on average that they had 8.8 sexual partners each, while at Aberdeen they admitted to having 8.4.

Across the UK, chlamydia was the most commonly contracted infection with 81% of students who reported having caught an STI saying they had been treated for the disease.

Herpes was the next most diagnosed STI with 14% admitting to having contracted this, while 3% said that they had been diagnosed with crabs.

Just 2% of students admitted to having caught gonorrhea and 1% said they had been treated for syphilis.

A spokeswoman for sexual health charity Family Planning Association said: “The message we have is that if you don’t want an STI  then use a condom.

“People, especially young women, think that if they are using contraception such as the pill then they are safe, but this does not protect you from STIs, just pregnancies.”

Edinburgh University said they did not wish to comment.