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Tartan Army chief Hamish Husband insists Scotland fans want Gordon Strachan to stay

BY DARREN JOHNSTONE – Capital City Press

Tartan Army stalwart Hamish Husband insists the Scotland supporters want manger Gordon Strachan to stay – but has called for answers over why yet another qualification campaign has ended in failure.

West of Scotland fans spokesperson Husband shares the views of 12,000 supporters that chanted their backing for Strachan during Sunday’s final Euro 2016 Group D clash against Gibraltar.

(Pic: Twitter: @HamishHusband)
Husband insists the fans want answer over Scotland’s latest major finals failure (Pic: Twitter: @HamishHusband)


Strachan is still to decide whether he wants to remain in the post for the qualifying campaign for World Cup 2018.

Husband said: “The majority of Scotland fans want Gordon Strachan to stay because they identify in a manager who they believe is capable of taking them to a finals.

“My thoughts are that there are two reasons he wouldn’t stay, one would be personal reasons and the other would be if he thought it wasn’t possible.

“But the supporters identify with a man that is passionate about the job, passionate about managing Scotland.”

However, after Scotland failed to reach their ninth successive major finals after finishing fourth behind Germany, Poland and Ireland, Husband insists the Tartan Army will not accept ‘bad luck’ as an excuse for missing out on next summer’s finals in France.

He added: “I think the fans would want a proper answer as to why we didn’t qualify, Wales, Northern Ireland and Iceland did. We don’t want the bad luck story, it’s not about luck.

“The fans should no longer accept failure. What we do about it, I’m not too sure.

“There has to be a period of analysis that questions are asked about why we didn’t qualify.

“It’s not about luck, it’s about not taking a point off Germany, beating Georgia away – I think that’s the difference.

“There has to be more than a bad luck story, we have to have a proper analysis of why we didn’t get through. It’s not about luck or glorious failure.”

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