COMEDY – Calling My Tribe revels in the trauma of midlife realisations



[star rating = 3/5]

Calling My Tribe is an intimate, reminiscing, self-deprecating, entertaining, and relatable show that left us tickled and entertained – but also slightly sad.

Boo, a talented Australian comedian and director does well to find the funny side of the midlife, ‘shit I’m not as young as I used to be’, realisation that those among us who have reached a certain age will recognise.

There was a sense of solidarity in the audience as the relatable gags left us laughing, but I’m still trying to decipher whether I was laughing because she was funny, or at the realisation that my life is slipping away from me – could this be the trigger of my own midlife crisis? Either way there was some tears.

The space is small and intimate, and the crowd enjoyed themselves, but the hour-long set felt like a long time.

Funny and amusingly reflective. Calling My Tribe may not be for everyone, but it hits the mark for many. Definitely worth considering if you want to share and seek companionship in the humorous trauma of midlife realisations.