Men in Scotland Followed by the Rest of UK are Among the Most Likely to Go Bald


Numerous global studies through the years have found that men in certain sections of the planet are more likely to lose their hair than in others. Although the UK isn’t topping that list, it has now been established that Scotland, along with the rest of the United Kingdom falls within the geographical boundaries where hair fall and consequent baldness in men is among the highest; fifth highest to be precise.

The Top Five Nations with the Highest Ratio of Bald Men

About 39.23% of the men in all of UK are bald, followed very closely by France with a population of bald men that constitutes 39.24% of the country’s total male population. The gap is a bit larger between Germany (41.2%) and Spain (42.6%), while the Czech Republic (42.79%) takes the first place, albeit just barely. It is not a coincidence that all the nations here are European, because the continent as a whole has been marked as the most unfavourable place for finding men with a healthy growth of hair on top, followed by North America.

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The Ethnic Connection

Racial heritage is the prime determinant when it comes to hair loss, and it seems that Caucasian males are at the highest risk of suffering the effects of male-pattern baldness. Studies conducted over decades confirm the fact that roughly 30% of all Caucasian males are in some stage of baldness by the time they reach 30. In the 50-year old age range, the percentage is expectedly higher at 50% and by 70, more than 80% of the Caucasian male population will lose most or all of their hair on top. Given that more than 90% of the Scottish population is Caucasian, it isn’t surprising that Scotland is one of the places where the percentage of bald men is among the highest in the region. On the other end of the scale, China was found to be the nation with the least hair loss problems among men and that same pattern was reflected by East Asian men in general.

Treatment Pattern

As should be expected in a region plagued by androgenetic alopecia, men in the UK often go for treatment during various stages of their baldness, but the results vary, depending on the individual and the stage of hair loss in which the individual is in. Everything from regular medication to full-blown hair transplants are frequent procedures in the region for men. However, a more modern technique of scalp pigmentation, classified as Advanced Tricho Pigmentation is seeing a rise in popularity as it mimics the human hair follicles more closely than is possible in any other form of pigmentation treatment.

There are multiple other factors that can initiate or worsen the genetic probabilities of hair loss, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that every person who is going bald is losing hair because of their hereditary inclination. Nevertheless, ethnicity and geographical location does play a very significant role here.

By Keministi [CC0], from Wikimedia Commons