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Are currently teachers paid the right amount of money for the work that they do?

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The question of education has been brought up many times and by various people, but sometimes it goes to the point where people start discussing such things as education and how it is linked with money. In that case, we can see all types of discussions, and most of them have something that would actually make sense. In our article, we are going to talk about something that has been brought to the light by people who are linked with education tightly. Those are the teachers and they have brought up the topic of whether they should get paid more for what they do. And this topic is definitely not new, as we have seen protests happening all the way back in the past century.

Nowadays, the question of salaries is not something unusual, because we can see many people protesting all the time, and they are standing for making salaries higher. Yet, not all those protests have a real reason to be. Many people just see that someone can get more for doing the same job as them. However, the situation with teachers is definitely different from that. Most people have no idea why their profession is low paid, but the reason for that problem lays deep in history. And that creates many talks and discussions on the topic of whether teachers should be paid in the same way or if they should be paid much more, because the other professions that are connected to working with people are now bringing their workers much more money than teachers are getting for working on the personalities of young adults and children. Therefore, it is considered to be really underpaid, as teachers are working with the huge number of students every day while getting paid much less than doctors would get for even the half of this number of patients.

While talking about the job of a teacher, we have to talk about students. Those are not the usual customers that you would get when working at the lobby in a hotel or patients that visit a doctor. All these are easier to deal with. The reason is simple — they have the knowledge that in such places you should behave properly and they know need to obey some rules in order to get the product or service they need. However, we always forget that the knowledge of such things is not coming from anywhere. Teachers are people whom we all have to be thankful to for giving us not only the knowledge in the specific area but also for equipping us with a set of rules and ethics that help us behave well in society. They are also working with some students that are not willing to obey the rules. Some students who are smarter get some assignment writing help, yet the others try to cheat and that usually makes teachers to have a conversation with them about the rules. For sure, when students grow up they start understanding their problems, but at the time of doing one, they have no idea that they are making the life harder for somebody. So, we can say that among the humanitarian professions, the one of a teacher is among the most difficult, because you cannot just teach, as you still have to help kids to form themselves.

By Nduati.githae, from Wikimedia Commons

Therefore, we can definitely say that after analyzing the topic even for a little, we can see that the teachers are getting not enough money for the work they are doing. But what about the amount of money which they should make instead? Well, that should really depend on the position of the teacher. For example, the teachers at the elementary and middle schools really deserve to get much more money for their jobs. The reason was named before — they have to work with the personalities that have not yet formed, and that only means that they need more money for their work. Talking about the teachers at high schools, we can see that there are many teachers that are still working on the formation of personality, from the language teachers to the teachers of the auto mechanics who are making students do something with their hands instead of just paying the others to do the job for that.

All the arguments that are usually given by those who oppose the idea of raising the salaries for teachers are usually wrong. For example, some say that you do not need too much knowledge to become a teacher and that the work they do is not worth paying more than it is now. Well, we can say that if teachers would actually teach at the salary level they get, we would see a great decrease in the quality of the students’ skills and knowledge at schools. Luckily we can see that many institutions that are responsible for the salary payments for teachers are now reviewing the size of the salary, and people hope that in just a short period, teachers will get some more money for the jobs they do. In some countries, the revolution has already gone successfully with the rules being changed so that teachers are now making much more money. However, those are the countries that have the government to control schools. We can also see a lot of progress in the democratic countries with the private schools.

In the end, we have to say that the salaries of teachers have no reason to stay at the current level, and with every day they should go up, as they are really working hard to let new generations to have the knowledge needed for their further life. Furthermore, everybody else has to contribute to the protest concerning the rising of teachers’ salaries. That will allow us to have a smart new generation that will bring us new inventions and great achievements.

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