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“Toenail looks like a pork scratching” Gazza fans react after star posts pic of injured right foot

Paul Gascoigne has shocked followers after he posted a photo of his right foot after the injury he suffered in the Tottenham Hotspur charity match.

Gascoigne suffered an ankle injury in the match against Inter Milan at the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on March 30th.

The foot which also finished the infamous Euro 96 volley against Scotland has gone complete blue as the footballing legend recovers from his injury.

Gazza posted the photo on Twitter this morning saying “Hey guys ha won’t be long I’ll be back on my feet.”

Gazza posted the photo on Twitter

The image shows the England footballer’s right ankle wrapped in a bandage as the rest of the foot appears to be bruised blue.

The image has horrified many fans with some questioning the legend’s hygenie.

Antone2907 said: “Gazza your a legend, but your big toe is rotten!”

TomMoores added: “Is that a foot?”

BrianLaing1872 wrote: “You’re at it Gazza that big toe is barking.”

Gazza suffered an injury in the charity match with Tottenham Hotspur last month

Delzarama said: “That’s like a prop from the walking dead Gazza! Get well soon.”

1robfarmer added: “Jesus wept, that toenail is something else.”

Nffc_red_dog wrote: “I expected your foot to look like Harry Potter’s wand.”

Seb_Old said: “To think, the nation’s hopes and dreams used to hang on that foot.”

Gazza’s toe has made many of his followers wince in the comments

CallumTolson added: “Ya toenail looks like a pork scratching Gazza.”

The injury is believed to have been a result of the charity match against the Inter Milan legends team two weeks ago.

Gazza was a second half substitue for Tottenham Hotspur when he came on at the 53rd minute. However, through injury he was forced off on 70 minutes.

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