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American media mogul mocked by footie fans for ‘cringe’ celebration following Spurs win

AN AMERICAN media mogul has been the subject of mockery by British footie fans for his “cringe” celebration following Tottenham Hotspurs’ 2-0 win over Fulham.

Spurs saw off their London rivals comfortable last night thanks to goals from Heung Min Son and James Maddison, prompting a celebratory response from Barstool Sports owner Dave Portnoy.

Portnoy, 46, is a self-confessed Spurs fan, but left his fellow supporters and other football fans cringing at his social media video as he misused lingo and mispronounced Spurs boss Ange Postecoglou’s name.

The video begins with Portnoy singing “Glory, glory Tottenham Hotspur” whilst wearing a Spurs home shirt and cap.

The Massachusetts native then makes his proclamation about how Spurs will fare this season, saying: “That’s right, Ange Poscogalou (sic) has the boys flying around, we don’t lose with this guy.

“Nine games in, first place in the Prem, high-ho, high-ho, up the table we go – that’s right, first place.”

Portnoy then turns his attention towards Spurs’ North London rival Arsenal and current Premier League holders Manchester City.

He says: “Hey little Arsenal you little d***s down there and Man City – it doesn’t matter we run the Prem.”

Despite Spurs not winning the top flight in over 60 years, Portnoy displays a remarkable confidence in his post-match speech, adding: “The prem goes through us, it goes through the COYS.

“We’re gonna f*****g – trophy case this, trophy case that – this guy Ange, the way we’re going, Poscogalou, we’re going to have 38 trophies by the end of 2025.”

Appearing to be incredibly fired up despite the season only being in its infancy, Portnoy finishes adding: “Keep talking, the COYS are coming.”

He then finishes his clip with another resounding rendition of Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur next to the dock of his Florida home.

Dave Portnoy
Dave Portnoy was celebrating Spurs 2-0 win over Fulham last night. Credit: X/StoolPresidente

Portnoy shared the clip to social media last night writing: “Don’t look now but the Spurs are top of the league.”

He then tagged two Arsenal fans – a current employee and Troopz, well known for his AFTV work, who was released by Barstool earlier this year.

The video received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from football supporters across the UK who were quick to humble the Michigan alum.

One said: “Good luck dude, they haven’t won anything [the league] since 1961.”

Another added: “Cringe city.”

A third replied: “What do we think of Tottenham?”

Another responded: “This is embarrassing.”

A fifth commented: “Easily the worst part of being a Spurs fan is knowing this guy is.”

Another informed Portnoy: “For the love of God, stop saying ‘the COYS’ that is not their nickname and never has been. It’s an acronym from a chant.”

Tottenham currently sit top of the Premier League and have a chance to extend their league to five points when they play Crystal Palace on Friday night.

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