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Footie fans flabbergasted by Arsenal charging £38 for two burger meals

FOOTBALL fans have been left flabbergasted after an Arsenal supporter was charged an eye-watering £38 for two burger meals at his team’s home stadium.

The Gunners fan bought the pricey meal at Emirates Stadium in north London on Saturday to watch Arsenal play Brentford.

Images show the fan’s two southern fried chicken burgers alongside a side of chips and a bottled drink which left them almost £40 out of pocket.

The burgers on sale at the Emirates
The chicken burgers cost almost £40. Credit: Footy Food

The chicken burger is laid between brioche buns with a sprinkling of lettuce on show alongside a handful of chips in the cardboard carrier.

Arsenal’s food menu online backs up the extortionate prices – showing that a burger alone costs £12.

To add a side of chips, the establishment then adds on an extra £3.75.

When the two drinks, a bottle of Pepsi Max and a bottle of water, were added to the bill it came to a mind-boggling £38. 

Footy Food posted about the cost
Footy Food shared the picture of the burgers alongside the drinks. Credit: Footy Food

Footy Food shared a snap of the meal on their social media account yesterday, writing: “Two southern fried chicken burgers, chips and drinks at Arsenal. £38.”

The post was accompanied by a bank note emoji as well as the punch drunk emoji. 

Football fans were quick to comment on the post which received 1,200 likes as well as over 950 comments.

Olubusayo Igbekele said: “A thing of beauty but you can never justify the price. Incredible really.

“As if they’re still trying to balance the books from the new stadium, Aubameyang’s and Ozil’s wages.”

Jeffrey Moore said: “There’s no way I would pay that much for two burgers and soft drinks. Take your own food, I would say. Total rip-off.”

Graeme Ryle said: “Bloody hell what a price, pensions spent on a burger. Wow, it must be cheaper.”

Darren Shaw said: “Looks decent but charging that price is robbery.”

John Paul Cowan said: “A proper whopper meal. Your (sic) the whopper for payment (sic).”

Paul Nash said: “Greasy chips, sweaty chicken deep fried, crusty bun, a bit of lettuce!

“Wow, that’s healthy. Even the coffee was terrible last time I had one.”

Arsenal went on to win a 2-1 Premier League victory over their London rivals at the match that day.

Manager Mikel Arteta’s side currently sit sixth in the Premier League ahead of their match on Thursday night against Bruno Lage’s Wolverhampton Wanderers who are just one place behind them in seventh. 

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