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Hilarious video shows foul mouthed parrot ask owner for chips

A HILARIOUS video shows a foul-mouthed parrot asking his owner to make him a plate of chips before realising he is unable to do it himself. 

Megan Cargill captured the side-splitting footage at her home in Cupar, Fife two weeks ago. 

The 25-year-old was filming her parrot Barney as he began a humorous rant about chips while she was on the phone to her aunt, Sheila.


The African Grey parrot, who is also 25-years-old, can be seen in his cage looking towards Megan before asking: “On the phone to Sheila?”.

In a broad Scottish accent, Barney says: “You making some chips?”

Megan responds saying: “No, no chips today.”

The confident parrot then replies saying: “Barney make chips?” and then exclaims “s**t” when Megan replies: “No, Barney can’t make chips, you’ve not got hands.”

Barney the Parrot
Barney the parrot loves chips and thought he could make them.                                                        Credit: Megan Cargill

Megan can be heard bursting out laughing at Barney’s foul-mouthed response after realising his abilities as a parrot.

She uploaded the video to TikTok where it has been viewed over 221,000 times and received over 22,000 likes.

The post has received over 350 comments from viewers who were left in stitches by the conversation.

ItsjustNatashax said: “Is this your bird? That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen today go on give the lad some chips.”

VictoriaCraig said: “S**t, he forgot he didn’t have hands and then the fact you were like I know. Brilliant.”

PodsPixie said: “I love that he has a Scottish accent.”

DSarah581Saz said: “Please make more I live for parrot TikTok.”

Namastacia said: “I’m so jealous but so glad that you two have each other.”

George said: “This is hilarious.”

Speaking today, Megan said: “Barney loves a warm chip. That comes from my grandad giving him one whenever he was making them. 

“He eats them so fast you think he’s going to choke on it but he never does he doesn’t get them too often.

“They’re up there with his favourite foods.

Megan added: “Barney just talks about anything and everything that’s on his mind, which a lot of the time is chips.

“He’s had chips a few times since living with me. He does a little back and forth happy dance when he sees me bringing him one.”

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