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The Best Mobile App Automation Testing Tools

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Mobile app automation is where the future of the world belongs.

And why not? After all, Automation holds the secret of businesses becoming more efficient with the promise of their menial, manual job becoming automatic.

While in a number of different domains, automation is seen as some type of direct competition to the human workforce, there is one industry that welcomes automation with open arms – Mobile Application Testing.

At a time when there are thousands of line of codes that come together to become an operational mobile application, it can be very difficult for the mobile app testers and QA specialists to read and verify all the elements to utmost precision.

This difficulty is what has led to the inception of the several automation testing tools that make the job easy for the agency.

Let us look into some of those mobile app automation testing tools that the world’s leading mobile app QA team relies on –

A. Appium

One of the most trusted names in the Android app development companies around the world, Appium helps in bettering both the execution and development of test for the QA team. It helps developers execute a quick robust test with utmost efficiency.

The cross-platform nature of Appium makes it a hit among both Android and iOS testers around the world.

The platform automates mobile apps across a range of platforms and languages that aids in accessing backend API and database of your mobile app.

B. Ranorex

The automation tool provides a series of robust features for testing. It enables the users to showcase the actual user interaction with the help of different gestures provided by multiple devices.

The tool comes with an in-built RenoreXpath which allows the platform to find out dynamic UI elements, making the test present on a number of different devices. It also gives the users the ease to test native, hybrid, and web apps on both simulators and the real devices.

C. SeeTest

The Experistest offering enables the mobile app testers to test out the mobile apps continuously on multiple remotely located devices on the digital assurance lab. The lab is mainly a productivity tool which gives a central server for multiple testing assets. This parallel execution that the tool offers helps in increasing the coverage of test in the least possible time.

D. Calabash

Next in our list of best automation testing tool is one that iPhone app developers around the world tend to rely on – Calabash.

The open source tool is defined according to its simplicity and two huge benefits.

Benefit one of Calabash is that the tool empowers the Cucumber functionality, meaning tests can be written in simple English instead of codes, so the testing task can be given to a non-programmer too.

Benefit two of Calabash is that it is plugged in Xamarin. Now, because of that, you get a portal to more than 1000 devices on the cloud, which has been kept there to test your mobile application.

E. Testdroid

Don’t get confused by the Droid in the name, Testdroid is the cloud-based application testing tool that is useful in case of both Android and iOS. It is, in fact, one of the fastest ways to test your app on multiple devices with many hardware stages, OS forms, and screen resolutions.

The platform, with access to over 300 devices is known to be one of the ideal partners of agencies that follow the Agile method of development.

F. Unified Functional Testing

UFT is what you call an industry standard offering for automation testing. It has been helping several enterprise mobility teams in buying into the HPE and MicroFocus ecosystem for speed testing and for writing the test scripts.

The best part about UFT is that they release updates often, keeping the QA experts at the top of their game at all times. Also, the several guides that they offer make the learning curve very low for even the new testers in the industry.

So, here was our list of top automation mobile app testing tools present and loved by the app industry across the globe. Did we forget a name? Let us know in the comment section below.

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