Horrific attack on Jack Russell by three German Shepherds investigated by police


POLICE are investigating a horrific attack by three German Shepherds on a Jack Russell which left the owner covered in her pet’s blood.

Ruby the dog covered in wounds from her attack
Pictures of the injured dog were shared to Facebook after the incident

Beth Mcard was bitten on the hand trying to fight off the dogs, which left her Jack Russell, Ruby, with multiple wounds.

Beth’s cousin Natalie posted a picture of Beth’s T-shirt smeared with blood following the attack which has left Ruby fighting for life.

The incident happened on Monday minutes away from Beth’s home in Leasowe, Merseyside.

Natalie also posted pictures of the damage caused to Ruby, 13, by the three dogs on Facebook yesterday saying: “So for the 2nd time in a year, my little cousin’s dog has been attacked in Leasowe whilst on her walk!

Beth's cousin Natalie's post to Facebook about the incident
Ruby the dog had to undergo surgery for her wounds

“This time Bethan was also attacked on Twickenham Drive! Her dog is critically ill at the vets and Bethan spent three hours in hospital receiving treatment.

“Thank you to Julie who ran to help Bethan and carried the dog and helped Bethan to safety. Thank you to all members of the public who offered to take Ruby to the vets.

“As for the owner (young girl) of the three German Shepherds that attacked them…. not a word, no help, not even a ‘sorry’. The police are involved and those dogs WILL be taken from you!”

One photo shows the blood soaked t-shirt that Beth, 24, was wearing as she tried to protect Ruby from the dogs.

Beth tried to intervene when the three German Shepherds attacked her dog

Other photos show a poorly Ruby with multiple stitches in various different bite across her body. Dried blood can be seen scattered across her body as she lies recovering from the attack.

Another photo shows a punctured bite mark that Beth received on her hand as she tried shield Ruby from the dogs.

Many in the comments were angered by the photos with people asking for the dogs to be taken from the woman.

Lee Creighton said: “Hope your dog and the girl are ok, I hate to see this kind of thing happen. Hope they take their dogs sounds like don’t deserve to own an animal.”

Lynne Rooney added: “The German Shepherds will, I hope, be rehomed with a responsible person who will teach them not to do this, as they are amazing dogs.”

Beth's hand which was bitten
Ruby said the incident left her and her family shocked

Karen Decoy Hooson wrote: “Those dogs will probably be destroyed now, thanks to their incompetent owner. Hope you and your furbaby, make a full recovery.”

Lynn Bethell said: “Sorry to hear this news, hope the dog and the girl get over this awful situation, someone in the area MUST know who has three dogs.”

Beth today said that Ruby is still recovering and they are taking it day by day.

Beth said: “Ruby is now home, but still unwell, and I am still in shock, my whole family still is. The incident itself was very traumatic, three dogs set upon my dog, she’s only little and she was yelping in pain. I won’t forget that in a hurry.

Ruby with owner Beth before the attack
The German Shepherds were off their leads when they attacked Ruby

“We don’t yet have a full figure as her treatment is still ongoing. So far, the surgery to repair her wounds, and overnight stay, antibiotics, and painkillers have cost around £300.

“She is still very unwell, she went through a lot and still is. Taking it day by day.”

Beth described how the incident happened.

She added: “I was walking home and they came out of the house as the door was open and then started attacking her. It happened fairly local about a five minute walk from my house.

“She’s got significant wounds to her side and by her bottom. She suffered nasty bites.”

Beth said that the owner of the German Shepherds did little to help.

She continued: “She came out the house and told them to get in. I just dived on the floor and got Ruby and carried her, that’s how I received the bite.

“I just dived on the floor and got her, that’s all I really remember and no, she just told them get inside once she heard the commotion.

“She was stood on the lawn. I did fear she [Ruby] might not survive, there still may be complications, and I feared for myself during the attack.”

This comes after a man and his dog came under attack by an Akita last month at a park in Lancashire.

Labradoodle Honey received vicious bite marks after owner Andrew Smith watched on in horror.

The Akita’s owner was forced to tackle the dog into a bush of nettles in order to save Honey from being mauled to death.

Merseyside Police have confirmed enquiries are ongoing into the incident.

A spokesman for the police said: “Merseyside Police can confirm officers received reports of a woman and a dog being injured in Leasowe yesterday (Monday, 10 June).

“Police were called to Twickenham Drive after a 24-year-old woman and a Jack Russell dog were injured at around 4.30pm, by what was described as three German Shepherd dogs who were off their leads. The woman received hospital treatment for a hand injury. The injured dog was taken to a vet for treatment by the owner.

“Enquiries are ongoing into this matter and anyone who witnessed the incident can contact @MerPolCC or call 101 quoting reference 717 of 10.06.19. You can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”