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Hilarious moment white-haired Man Utd fan braves bar packed with hundreds of Leeds Utd fans

HILARIOUS video shows a very brave Manchester United fan walk into a bar packed with hundreds of Leeds United supporters.

The white-haired Man Utd supporter is subjected to mass chanting and taunting from the Leeds fans – all of it thankfully good-natured.

The fact the encounter passed off peacefully could be down to both the Red Devils fan and his tormentors being on neutral ground.

Both teams are in Perth, Australia, for a pre-season friendly and hundreds of supports have travelled from the UK to back their teams.

The clip was captured on Mondya by Simon Webster, who runs the Twitter account ‘LeedsEverywhere’.

He posted the clip with the caption: “Perth. When a scum fan comes into the Leeds pub!”

The clip shows a large group of Leeds fans singing in the pub as the Man United fan can be seen standing amongst them.

The Leeds fans chant: “Stand up if you hate Man U!” At this point the Manchester United fan finds a chair and sits down.

One Leeds fan then shouts: “What do you think of Manchester?” The rest of the fans reply “S***!” The Leeds fan then shouts: “What do you think of s***?” The rest of the fans answer: “Manchester w***, w***, w***, Manchester w***, w***, w***!”

Despite facing overwhelming odds, the Manchester Utd fan responds cheekily: “You’re going down.”

In a demonstration that there are no hard feelings, one of the Leeds fans then gives him a hug.

Manchester United fan
The older man can be seen smiling and laughing with the Leeds fans

Simon today said the atmosphere was playful and friendly.

He said: “Leeds [fans] have basically occupied the majority of pubs in the area. He had been coming in and out all evening with banter crossing between both sides, then the chants started and the lad carried him out for comedy value only, they shook hands and had a laugh about it outside after.

Among those to respond online was @Tim34818485, who wrote: “Me as a Man U fan wouldn’t mind walking into a boozer and getting all this grief from Leeds fans. It’s banter, and to be honest we are hated by Leeds because of all our success and that makes it all the better.”

@Southamman wrote: “Fair play to him, I hate his club, but he was a good crack.”

Manchester United take on Leeds United at the Optus Stadium in Perth, Australia today in a pre-season ‘friendly’ clash.

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