Hilarious moment sneaky squirrel steals part of a tent – and then evades patrolling cat


HILARIOUS video shows the moment a sneaky squirrel rips off part of a tent before escaping the clutches of a patrolling cat.

The squirrel – a repeat offender – was caught on camera stealing the material from a garden in Leith, Edinburgh.

Moments later a cat goes bounding after the thief which managed to escape with its booty into nearby trees.

The theft took place on Wednesday was captured on video by a local resident who wishes to remain anonymous.

She posted the incident on a closed Facebook group saying: “If anyone finds strips of green tent fabric in their trees, this is where it comes from!

“We’d noticed bits of the bike cave missing recently, and couldn’t work out what was happening – today I discovered the bizarre culprit!”

The video shows the grey squirrel ripping apart an old tent which is currently being used to store bicycles.

The squirrel tugs at the tent with its teeth as it tries to rip off as much as it can in the pouring rain.

The rodent eventually tears off a large piece of fabric which it then rolls up into a ball using its paws.

The squirrel pauses for a moment with a ball of tent fabric in its mouth before it shoots off.

And for good reason as the black house cat ‘Yami’ chases it off the property and onto the street.

Squirrel in garden
The sneaky squirrel managed to escape

The video has proved a hit with many in the comments who find the incident hilarious.

One commenter said: “The only squirrel in town with a waterproof nest!”

A second commenter added: “Lol. Check the cat out! Trying to be police.”

A third wrote: “The cat was later found, tied up in bits of green tent material.”

Another said: “I love this. Crafty wee b*****. I love to think he has a nice waterproof home.”

One added: “If it’s not the pesky gulls, it’s the bloody squirrels.”

Another simply stated: “Sneaky squirrel.”