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EntertainmentCHILDREN'S SHOWS - The Bubble Show: flawlessly simple and full of wonder

CHILDREN’S SHOWS – The Bubble Show: flawlessly simple and full of wonder

Deadline at the Fringe’s youngest reviewer, 6-year-old Gus, is out with his Dad Paul (42) to give their say on this years Edinburgh Festival Fringe acts.

“You can put a bubble inside a bubble and inside another bubble!” – Gus (age 6)

This is a flawless, simple show full of fun and wonder – a perfect way to start your family day at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  [star rating =5/5]

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Mr Bubble travelled around the world seeking adventure, mystery and beauty. Nowhe’s here in Edinburgh for the first time to enchant young audiences with stories, magic and the mysterious wonders he discovered in Bubble Land.

Gus and I arrived 15 minutes early and still joined the back of a long queue which meant that I was a little surprised when we got into the theatre and found two seats right at the front.

We see flat bubbles, solid bubbles, big bubbles, kissing bubbles, little bubbles and the tiniest bubbles in the world.

We see bubbles that bounce, explode, go up, go down, go through and around and inside each other.

The kids in the audience are mesmerised and wide eyed as Mr Bubble makes the impossibubble possibubble.

This show’s all about chasing your dreams and so the swirling colour and beautiful, ephemeral fragility of bubbles make a perfect medium for exploring that theme.

I absolutely urge you to take your wee ones along to this bubble extravaganza. Get there early for a front row seat and see the whirling, kinetic kaleidoscope up close.

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