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Why Servicing Your Car is Important

Every automobile needs to be serviced and maintained from time to time to keep it in good working condition. The service schedule will appear in the owner’s manual yet an alarming number of motorists do not follow this schedule and will only take the car to get checked over when there is a problem. This is a dangerous approach because a vehicle should be regularly serviced for a few different reasons.

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Safer to Drive

The most obvious benefit is that a car that is serviced regularly is safer to drive. When the car is serviced it can stop issues from developing which could make the car dangerous and it could stop a small issue from becoming a big problem (which could also be costly to repair). Additionally, this can provide important peace of mind when you are out on the road.


Keeps Good Value

Another important reason to stick to the service schedule is that it can help the car to keep its value. A car that has been well looked after and maintained will not only look better but it will also show that it has been properly maintained in the logbook and that there will not be any underlying issues which have been neglected and could be costly to repair for a new owner. 


Reduced Running Costs

Keeping a car running can be incredibly expensive so it is always worth trying to find ways to reduce running costs. Regular servicing can help to reduce running costs because the vehicle will be performing as it should be as opposed to running with issues like low fuel or tires with little treading. Cars are complex machines and work best when the vehicle is in good condition which means that they require regular servicing.


Finding a Good Garage

It is also important that you find a good garage to take the car to so that it is properly serviced and maintained. Ideally, this will be a garage that is an authorised repairer of your brand, such as Vauxhall service centres- this means that the technicians are trusted by the manufacturer and know the intricate details of your particular model. This means that your car is in the best possible hands and a servicing will get it back in tip-top condition.


Following your vehicle’s recommended service schedule is important not only in terms of keeping the car running safely but also for efficiency and for retaining its value. You can often avoid large, costly problems simply by getting it serviced annually and this will also show that you have taken good care of the car if you decide to sell.

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