Moment cancer patient’s home is smashed up by thugs – but police send text three hours later saying no patrols free


AFTER a cancer patient’s home was bricked by thugs police took three hours to text the victim they couldn’t send a patrol.

Horrifying video shows two masked men creep up to the property and begin hurling missiles through the windows.

Paul Norman and his Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Storm, are then seen chasing the attackers off.

But Paul, 57, was shocked to receive a text message from police three hours later explaining that they could not come to the scene of the attack in Birkenhead, Merseyside.

The lung cancer patient posted footage of the incident overnight on Wednesday and yesterday to social media.

He wrote: “These are the two rats that smashed my windows last night.

“You are f****** rats, you only come out at night and cause damage and all look the same hiding your faces because you haven’t got the balls to show yourselves.”

The video shows two hooded thugs approach Paul and Barbara’s house armed with bricks.

They then start throwing bricks at the property causing a huge amount of damage.

The thugs then sprint off as Paul and his dog, backed by his golf-club wielding wife, Barbara, defend their home.

Kev Battle responded: “F***** hell that’s not called for, b******s, dude.”

Jamie Mcnally added: “It’s a shame the dog never got them the little scroats.”

Ryan Norman wrote: “Shame no one caught the little rats to give them a good kicking. D***heads are everywhere nowadays.”

Stefan Dixon said: “F***** horrible b*****s hope you are all ok.”

The lack of police response has added to Paul’s anger.

Barbara and Paul

The incident happened at 11.15pm on Wednesday and he received a text from police at 2.13am Thursday.

It stated: “Good Morning – a crime number has been generated with regards to the report of witnessed criminal damage to your property.

“We did not have a patrol available to send to your address at the time of the incident – this will be progressed via our scheduled response team.”

Paul has still not heard anything from the force since then.

He said: “The police didn’t even turn up, they just sent me a text this morning.

“I’m fed up with the police they never do anything unless there’s money in it for them. Policing for profit now.”

He added: “I don’t know if I was targeted, but they went past 10 other houses before they got to mine. I have done nothing to no one.

“I am a cancer patient and have a bad knee and wear a brace so [I] couldn’t run but my wife who also has a bad lung went after them with a golf club in her slippers.

“They’ve smashed two windows and the windscreen on the car on my drive.”

A spokesman for Merseyside Police said: “We are appealing for information following an incident in Prenton on Wednesday, 30 October.

“Just before 11.20pm it was reported two males had thrown bricks in the front windows of a house in Woodvale Close, causing them to smash.

“No one was hurt in the incident although the occupants were understandably shocked and upset.

Chief Inspector Nicholas Gunatilleke stated: “Looking at this incident we believe the attack was not targeted, nobody was injured, and the offenders had left the scene five minutes before it was reported to us, therefore our response would have been fruitless in catching the perpetrators at the time.

“When we are unable to respond to an incident because of an extremely high volume of emergency calls, which is rare, we will put out an appeal to try and locate offenders later on. In this case, on a night that is traditionally one of the busiest all year, we have to make decisions about prioritising incidents and this is what we had to do here.

“I do feel for the victims of this crime as they should not be subjected to an attack in their own home which has made them fearful and upset and we are working hard to find the offenders.”