Sunday, May 29, 2022
NewsMoment ponies whinny in terror as massive fireworks display goes off nearby

Moment ponies whinny in terror as massive fireworks display goes off nearby

A WOMAN has posted video of her ponies whinnying in terror as a deafening display of fireworks goes off nearby.

The badly-spooked animals are clearly terrified by the rapidly-flickering lights and rapid detonations near their stables.

Samantha Perkins, from Sheffield, spent more than £330 on preventive treatment for the animals this fireworks season and wants tighter controls on the annual pyrotechnics,

Samantha, 42, filmed the incident at stables in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, on Saturday.

She wrote on social media: “My poor ponies. This needs controlling, shaking the whole stable block, just not on!”

Samantha urged her followers to sign an attached petition which calls for all venues that hold fireworks displays to be licensed and which has so far received over 59,000 signatures.

The video shows a large fireworks display light up the sky from a nearby public park.

The display bangs and cracks across the night sky as Samantha turns the camera to show the distress her horses are in.

The horses paced around their stables in terror. Image: Samantha Perkins

The fireworks create a strobe effect which bounces off the horses, one can be seen pacing around in its stable.

The display comes to an abrupt end as Samantha is heard trying to calm a horse down saying: “It’s alright, good boy, good boy.” The horse walks around in circles, neighing loudly.

Samantha’s video has been viewed over 1.5 million times, as many in the comments are horrified for the horses.

Hannah Turner said: “What the f*** that’s so bad! Report them.”

Kate Waters added: “Shocking! People are so selfish. Report them.”

Sarah Bell wrote: “It’s heartbreaking I hate seeing poor animals worrying.”

Samantha has spent hundreds of pounds on preventative treatments. Image: Samantha Perkins

Ellen Hall said: “That’s awful, not fair on them, hope they be ok Sam.”

Shelley Heywood added: “Boils my p***! Poor horses – hope they are ok Sam.”

Samantha said today: “I didn’t know that there was going to be fireworks that night, no one came to let us know.

“From what I can piece together it was not a public event display, it was a group of people from the nearby houses getting together and having them in a public park behind the houses.”

She added: “My horses are still spooking out and on edge.”

The effect on the horses could have been worse had Samantha not fed them a “calmer”, costing £100 a tub, beforehand.

She also bought sedatives costing £29 each but has not so far used them.

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