Thursday, May 19, 2022
NewsMoment Argos van driver causes £1k damage shunting car out of parking...

Moment Argos van driver causes £1k damage shunting car out of parking space – then stops in middle of road anyway

AN Argos van driver has been caught on camera shunting a car down the street so he can park – and then blocking the road anyway.

Footage shows the bungling delivery man swing sharply into a space already “big enough to park a bus”.

Not content with sideswiping a car, the driver then pushes the same vehicle backwards until it collides with the motor parked behind.

Remarkably, the driver then decides not to use the massive space he has created to park but leaves his vehicle blocking the street.

The footage was posted online by Neill Tootill, whose Ford Focus is seen being shunted in the clip and which suffered damage estimated at £1,000.

Neill, 36, from Manchester, said the incident happened outside his home on Sunday.

He shared two angles of the mayhem, the first captioned “Well done Argos top delivery service” and the second “It gets better”.

Neill, filming the CCTV footage on a computer screen, can be heard muttering: “He could have got a bus in that gap.”

After the driver gets out, he can clearly be seen walking to the back of the vehicle and inspecting the damage to Neill’s car.

But to make matters even worse, Neill says the driver made no attempt to leave his details following the incident.

Neill was forced to take a day off work

Kyle Hurst responded online: “What a t***”.

Nikki McNamara added: “As if he looked at it then got back in the van! Omg.”

And Jonny Chewz said: “Cheeky c*** him.”

Speaking today, roofer Neill said: “I parked my car at about 9 o’clock on Sunday night and when I woke up on Monday morning I saw all my back bumper hanging off my car.

“I had to stick it all back on with tape and I missed a day of work from it so I’ve probably lost about £300 in earnings.”

Neill estimates that loss of pay plus the damage to the car will amount to £1,300.

He added: “He’s hit my petrol tank, there’s damage on the wing, damage on the side with all scrapes down it.

“He did not make any attempt to leave his details at all. He knocked on my next door neighbour’s house and delivered the package and left.

“I spoke to Argos this morning, they weren’t dealing with it at first but once we sent them the video they realised.”

Argos revealed yesterday they are launching an investigation into the matter.

An Argos spokesman said: “We expect all our drivers to meet high safety standards. We are investigating this footage.”

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