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NewsShocking moment "kids" using circular saw defeat £10,000 security system involving NINE...

Shocking moment “kids” using circular saw defeat £10,000 security system involving NINE separate devices

A BUSINESS owner has posted shocking video of a gang of “kids” using a circular saw to defeat his £10,000 security system.

The trio were able to overcome or ignore nine separate security devices and systems to cut their way in and steal motorbikes worth £12,000.

Mitch Boyland, from Bristol, tried to protect his premises with metal shutters, a “master blaster” alarm system, smoke machine, perimeter alarm, internal alarm, and high definition CCTV.

Also “protecting” his business were “Viper” engine immobilisers, ram bars to strengthen the shutters, and mag locks which use electromagnetic force to stop doors opening.

But none of the security measures were enough to prevent the trio simply sawing their way through the shutters and casually wheeling the bikes away in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Mitch posted online: “This morning at 2:50 Technical Solution was hit by three kids.

“Please, moto[rbike] family, let’s find out who they are, and get the bikes back. Please share.”

The video shows three individuals, one carrying a circular saw, running towards the shop entrance in the middle of the night.

The thug with the saw starts cutting through the metal shutters as sparks fly in all directions.

After just 90 seconds of sawing the crooks break-in and start to look for the bikes.

Some time later the kids begin to bring out the bikes.

One of the stolen bikes

Guy Mcinerney said: “This is getting beyond a joke. Something has to be done to these scum! I have electrified my garage doors with 240 volts. That should shock them.”

Adam Marlow added: “F** sake Mitch that’s s***. And it’s not just what they steal but all the damage they do getting in. They need to be found and given a good kicking.”

Alan Gregory wrote: “They have been in you place before – they knew where to cut and where the cameras are, hope you get them back buddy I know how hard you work.”

Chris Ellaway said: “Work hard all your life to build up an amazing business, and some little f***** just comes along and does this.”

Police yesterday confirmed they are investigating the incident, which left Mitch with a £4,500 repair bill on top of the value of the bikes.

A spokesman from Avon and Somerset Police said: “Intruders have gained entry to an industrial estate in Crown Road in Bristol, at about 2.50am on 19 November and then forced entry into an industrial unit and have taken three motocross machines.

“Police enquiries into the incident are continuing.

“Anyone with information is asked to contact us, quoting reference 5219267378.”

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