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How to Play Super Nintendo Games on iPhone 11

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New iPhone 11 is finally here and thanks to massive spec improvements, great display and so much more, you can use it for playing Super Nintendo games better than ever before. The method we will present you is extremely simple and easy to use yet it comes without any disadvantage. You will need to follow the steps mentioned below.

Download the ROMs

The first thing is actually to download Super Nintendo ROMs. These are games and nothing more ported in a new format so they can be played on other devices. Each ROM is a separate file and it can be placed in a new folder or you can place all the games in the same folder. Just make sure to rename them so you can make a difference when it comes to the next step.

Some of the ROMs will have high sizes due to the fact they represent massive and very complex games. You may need a few minutes to download them. Once ready, you can move to the next step.

You can make your own ROM files but this isn’t something we will recommend. First of all, you will need a genuine Super Nintendo game cartridge. They are hard to find and they are expensive. Even if you have one you will need plenty of time, patience and a cable which can cost a lot to make the ROM file. A much better alternative is to download ROM files and use them instead. For this you only need minutes and you can download as many games as you like.

Install emulator

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The next step is to download the emulator. The best examples for iOS and for Super Nintendo games are SNES4iOS and SNES Emulator. These are apps and they will be installed to your iPhone like any other app. Once you are done the icon will appear on your screen.

Open the emulator and go to load or open menu setting. Locate the ROM file or better said the game you want to play and confirm the selection. The game will start immediately. Now you can play the game as long as needed using the touchscreen or the on-screen controls. Almost all features of the actual game are available on the iPhone.

If you are a newbie we must explain emulators a bit more. They are software that mimics the operating system of another device on the installed device. In this case scenario, an emulator will mimic the operating system of Super Nintendo on iOS. They are mandatory to install if you want to play the games.

Open a new game

Once you are done playing a game you can simply close the emulator and close the app. Launch it again and load a new ROM file. This is a simple method you can use to switch games. Keep in mind that many emulators will be able to exit from the gameplay and then load a new game. The goal and the end results are the same. Be free to experiment and test various options of the emulator.

The final word

Playing Super Nintendo games on your iPhone 11 is extremely simple and easy. You will basically need a couple of minutes to complete all the steps we have explained above and you can enjoy literally any game without any limits. To summarize, for playing the games you will need an iPhone 11, ROM files, emulator and an internet connection. Yes, you can download them directly on your phone or you can download them on your PC and then transfer them to the iPhone.

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