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Are dry herb vapes healthy

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In the world of vaporizers there has recently been a question about whether or not vaping dry herb is healthy and safe for lungs or not. Are they better in comparison to other vaping or smoking methods? Let’s get into the details of vaping dry herb, and let’s compare it to other methods of vaping and smoking.

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How Do Dry Herb Vaporizers Work?

Dry herb vaporizers are pretty cool. They can take dry herb and vaporize all the goodies such as THC and terpenes without burning the dry herb. But how do they do this? It’s quite simple!

There are 3 different heating methods when it comes to dry herb vaporizers

  • Convection heating. This heating method acts as a little oven. When the dry herb is inserted in the chamber, the air inside the chamber reaches temperatures as high as 380 F (fairly quickly). This instantly vaporizes all the crystals on the dry herb, and sends it directly through the chamber and into your lungs. 
  • Conduction heating. This heating method uses a hot-plate which is located within the chamber. When the dry herb is inserted into the chamber (and the power button is pressed) the hot plate reaches high temperatures which vaporizes the crystals on the dry herb. The vapor is then inhaled.
  • Hybrid heating. There are a few vaporizers on the market which combine both convection and conduction heating methods. They do this by including a hot plate and the proper technology for convection heating too. That way you get the benefits of both heating methods, such as speed and efficiency. 

It is important to note that thanks to the high temperatures reached by both methods, the dry herb doesn’t combust, but the crystals are instantly turned into vapor. Therefore, there is no fire or marijuana smoke involved in the entire process — just really hot temperatures and tasty vapor!


Dry Herb: Vaping vs Smoking

What if there was a way to get all the goodies from dry herb without having to inhale smoke? There is, and it’s vapor. Vapor contains significantly less chemicals and compounds, since vaporizing a product does not create any new compounds during the vaporization process — smoke does.

Using a vaporizer to consume dry herb can also allow you to control the temperature at which your product is vaporized, and the heat of the vapor going into your lungs. This is a major plus.

Exposing your lungs to very hot smoke over a long period of time is not good. That’s another reason why smoking is so bad for you — the smoke is too hot, and the temperature cannot be controlled. 

However, most vaporizers allow users to manipulate the temperatures at which it operates. This has a list of pros, including cooler vapor and more product being consumed.


Vaping: Dry Herb vs Concentrates vs E-liquid

 Not only are there differences between vaping and smoking, but there are also differences between vaping dry herb, concentrates, and e-liquid:

  • Vaping dry herb. Vaping dry herb is preferred by many because of the flavour, aroma, and the wide selection of different ‘flavors’ of dry herb. However, it is to be noted that vaping dry herb has its cons. These include more product being used, and a burnt taste during the end of a vaping session.
  • Vaping concentrates. Concentrates come in different forms such as wax dabs, oil, or crystals. These are usually very potent in comparison to dry herb, and apart from their potency, they are considered to be better thanks to their purity. Vaping concentrates could be considered the ‘best way to vape THC’.
  • Vaping e-liquids. When it comes to vaping e-liquids, there is a wide selection of flavors and ingredients, etc. However, vaping e-liquid is different from vaping concentrates and dry herb. E-liquids can contain nicotine, THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, and also different essential oils. 

It’s important to make sure that the unit and vaping equipment you’re using is clean and fully functional in order to make sure it is safe to use. Therefore, looking at your options before purchasing a vape is always a good idea; and regularly cleaning your unit will ensure you’re not inhaling debris or bacteria.

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