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Hilarious moment man takes advantage of Storm Ciara to go canoeing in Leeds street

HILARIOUS video shows a man in a novelty dinghy “canoeing” down a flooded street street in the aftermath of Storm Ciara.

Tony Hargreaves, 45, refused to let wet weather spoil his fun and was seen paddling down Gelderd Road, Leeds.

He was filmed by his wife Joelene, 41, who caught the bizarre scene on Sunday [9 Feb].

As the clip begins, Tony can be seen floating in a rubber ring with a paddle in hand.

Joelene shouts: “Are you offering them some rescue?”

To which Tony shouts back: “Yeah!”

The camera tracks him and reveals a car swamped by the water.

Tony’s 3-year-old granddaughter, also named Joelene then asks: “Would you like somebody to help you sir?”

Tony continues to paddle and begins laughing as he swirls about in the water, the high wind audible in the background.

As the clip ends his wife shouts: “We’ve got all sorts floating by, cars.. people in boats.”

The hilarious scene was posted online, where it has since gone viral.

It was shared by Facebook group Spotted in Yorkshire with the caption: “Helps on its way. Gelderd road Leeds.”

The video, which has been viewed more than 8,000 times has had social media users in stitches.

What Gelderd Road, Leeds normally looks like.

Mariam Taj said: “A normal day in Yorkshire.”

Sean Garnett added: “Looks like we’re swimming to work tomorrow.”

And Jessica Gartland said: “Laughing my a** off.”

Tony’s daughter Mercadeze Hargreaves, 22, confirmed today her dad had done the whole thing for a bet.

She said: “My brothers and uncle bet him he wouldn’t do it, and he thought why not it? It will pass a bit of time on while the chicken was cooking in the oven.

“We say he must have a few screws loose as he’s always up to something.”

Storm Ciara caused widespread flooding throughout Leeds over the weekend, with rail passengers stranded after lines became swamped.

A Vue cinema in the Kirkstall area of Leeds was also evacuated following an emergency flood warning.

20 flood warnings still remain in place throughout Leeds.

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