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NewsBaby wipe range withdrawn by Johnson & Johnson after parents report "burns"...

Baby wipe range withdrawn by Johnson & Johnson after parents report “burns” to children’s faces

JOHNSON & Johnson have withdrawn a line of wet wipes for children after parents complained tots were left with “burns” to their faces.

The firm has also launched a “full investigation” into their Cottontouch Extra Sensitive Wipes.

Pictures from concerned parents show red rashes on children’s and babies’ faces which they claim appeared after using the wipes.

Among those to complain was Gemma Adamson from Tadworth, Surrey, whose two children were left “in tears” after they both developed the same reaction to the wipes last week.

Gemma’s six-month-old baby Jesse was left with a painful rash on his face and blistering skin on his bottom after Gemma used the wipes to change his nappy.

Pictures show Jesse’s face still red and peeling two days after Gemma stopped using the wipes.

Another photo shows ten-year-old son Jake’s flushed red face which “felt like it was on fire”.

Among those to complain was Gemma Adamson from Tadworth, Surrey, whose two children were left “in tears” after they both developed the same reaction to the wipes last week.

Gemma, 32, had bought a £5.95 box of the wipes at her local Asda and took to social media to warn other parents about them.

She posted photos of the wipes with the caption: “Do not use these wipes! Biggest Parenting Fail!

“Two of my children (including my 6 month old) we used them on both experienced burns to their face immediately after using them. I even tested them on myself and my face was on fire.

“I looked on the Johnsons website for contact info and whilst there saw what bad reviews this product has!!! Loads of children had suffered burns to their skin after using them! Absolutely shocking!

“This is meant to be a reputable brand, and the product is extra sensitive & hypoallergenic. Although my children don’t have sensitive skin they had a very bad reaction.”

She added that when she asked ASDA to remove the product until investigations were conducted, they “shirked all responsibility” and informed her it was the manufacturer’s problem.

Gemma’s post, which has clocked up more than a thousand likes online, prompted many other parents to come forward.

Valerie McCabe wrote: “I bought two boxes of these. My daughter and granddaughter both got burnt faces.”

Jenna Ridley added: “This has happened to my son too! I wasn’t sure why until I stopped using the wipes and his face is slowly calming down – still pretty bad though.”

Megan Holloway from Crewe, Cheshire says her son Elliott, 11 months, had to be taken to the doctor for his “burns”.

Mum Megan Brown shared photos of her daughter Isabella Greaves, 18 months, with red blotches across her face.

Johnson’s wipes are branded as “extra sensitive” and safe for use on “delicate” faces.

However, the first page of product reviews on Johnson’s website all claim babies have been left with “bright red” and “burning” faces.

Jesse Adamson

Speaking today, Gemma said: “Our baby was crying every time we wiped his face or nappy changes but as you do, we assumed he just disliked it.

“Now with great guilt we realised what the real reason is.

“At the time of use our six month was hitting the usual milestones of teething and weaning so we assumed these may be the causes initially.

“Until our 10 year old helped himself and used one that’s when the penny dropped.

“Jake was left in tears, saying his face felt like it was on fire and it was incredibly hot to touch.

“We were obviously using the same wipes to change Jesse’s nappy and his bottom was blistered and bleeding from them.

“You never assume wipes would cause such a huge reaction especially when they are deemed extra sensitive and hypoallergenic.”

Asda told Gemma the product would need to be sent back to Johnson’s for testing.

However, she added: “I’m hoping to find a contact of an Independent company that can test the wipes.

“I still have no confidence in the results from either Asda or Johnsons I’m afraid.”

A Johnson’s spokeswoman said: “We were saddened to learn that some babies had skin reactions.

“Therefore, out of an abundance of caution, we have stopped shipping Cottontouch Extra Sensitive Wipes in the UK while we conduct a full investigation.”

Asda also announced they would be working with the manufacturer to look into the issue.

An Asda spokesman said: “We are currently investigating this with the brand to understand what has happened.”

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